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Holy Mountain R*ntz Review

From its colourful appearance to its fruity aroma, R*ntz from Holy Mountain promises an exciting cannabis experience. But with so many strains on the market, how does R*ntz stack up? In this review, we'll give you the inside scoop on this hybrid strain and whether it's worth buying.

Holy Mountain R*ntz is an indica-dominant strain made by crossing Zkittlez and Gelato.

This flower supposedly features a stunning bud structure with eye-catching purple hues throughout and a fruity flavour profile with a strong berry aroma, complimented by a subtle gas scent. But how does R*ntz stack up against other similar strains on the market? Let’s see how it compares to Holy Mountain’s MAC-1 or Redecan’s Animal Rntz.

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Upon opening the packaging we were greeted with a pleasant yet somewhat understated aroma. The strain’s signature fruity berry scent was certainly present, although it wasn’t as strong as we had anticipated. Taking a deeper whiff, we noticed a secondary undertone of musky gas or fuel, adding an intriguing complexity to the overall aroma profile. While the smell may not be as powerful as some other strains on the market, it is still undeniably pleasant and well worth taking a moment to appreciate.


When it comes to appearance, R*ntz from Holy Mountain certainly doesn’t disappoint. It contained a humidity pack and arrived in a sleek and reflective silver bag, complete with a resealable zipper opening for easy access. The front label prominently displayed all of the important details, including brand and strain name, lineage, and total cannabinoid content. On the back label, we found additional helpful information, such as the lot number, package date, dominant terpenes, and the aromas.

As for the buds themselves, they were a sight to behold. The dark green colouring was punctuated by numerous purple specks, adding a unique and visually striking element to the overall appearance. Bright orange hairs snaked their way throughout the buds, providing a pleasing contrast against the deep green and purple tones. The trichome layer was notably thick and appeared to be of high quality, further indicating the care and attention to detail put into cultivating this strain. They buds were easy to grind without turning to dust, ensuring a smooth burn.


While R*ntz from Holy Mountain certainly looks and smells impressive, we were a bit let down by the flavour profile. While we could detect hints of a sweet and earthy berry taste on the initial inhale, it was disappointingly weak and lacked the strong fruitiness we were hoping for. As we continued to smoke, we found that the flavour dissipated rapidly, leaving us with a rather bland and unremarkable taste.

Unfortunately, the smoking experience itself was also marred by a harshness to the smoke that it left us coughing and feeling a bit uncomfortable. This made it difficult to fully appreciate what little flavour was present, and we were left feeling somewhat disappointed overall.


Despite the promising appearance and aroma of R*ntz from Holy Mountain, we were ultimately left feeling underwhelmed by the overall experience. The batch we received, which was part of lot number 284904221215 and packaged on December 15, 2022, contained 20.4% THC and was priced at $143.50 for 28 grams. While the potency was decent, we felt that the price was quite steep, especially considering the lackluster flavour and harsher smoking experience.

That being said, the high itself was moderately strong and provided a nice, physically relaxing experience, particularly around the eyes. However, we couldn’t help but feel that there are other, more affordable options on the market that can offer a similar level of relaxation without the drawbacks.

All in all, while R*ntz from Holy Mountain may have some redeeming qualities, we likely wouldn’t reorder unless the price was lowered. With so many other options available, we feel that there are better choices out there for those seeking a high-quality smoking experience.

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R*ntz from Holy Mountain is an indica-dominant strain that offers a moderately potent high and physically relaxing effects. The buds are dense and colourful, and the packaging is convenient and resealable. However, the price is on the higher side, and the flavour and aroma are weak while the smoke is harsh. While R*ntz may be worth trying for those seeking a potent, physically relaxing experience, there are likely better options available for those who prioritize flavour and affordability.
  • Dense, colourful buds
  • Relaxing physical effects
  • Strong relaxing high
  • Price ($143.50 for 28 grams)
  • Weak flavour profile
  • Harsh smoking experience
Smell - 7.2
Appearance - 8.3
Flavour - 6.1
Experience - 7
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