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Holy Mountain Vanilla Gelato Review

With lineage blending the finest Jet Fuel Gelato and White Flow, this strain promises a taste adventure you won't want to miss. Get your taste buds primed and your curiosity stirred, because we're hoping Vanilla Gelato is going to take us on a frosty, flavourful escapade!

Holy Mountain Vanilla Gelato is an indica-dominant flower that was created by crossing Jet Fuel Gelato (Hi-Octane X Jet Fuel) and White Flow (Flo X The White).

Holy Mountain describes this cultivar as having a delicious blend of Kush, herbal and diesel notes that combine with sweet and floral confectionery aromas. Let’s see how this one stacks up to Holy Mountain’s other strains like their Frozen Lemons or MAC-1.

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We eagerly tore open the bag of Vanilla Gelato and were met with a mild yet pleasant sweet kush smell. It had delicate hints of herbs, citrus, and a very faint trace of diesel. However, this initial aroma disappeared rather quickly, leaving us with a more generic cannabis scent. It lacked the potency and overpowering allure we typically associate with Vanilla or Gelato strains, which left us slightly disappointed.


The flower arrived in a medium-sized silver bag that featured a convenient resealable zipper opening. The front label prominently displayed the brand and product name, as well as the THC and CBD levels. It also provided information about the strain’s lineage and type. On the back label, we found the weight, grower details, expected aromas, signature terpenes, lot number, and package date. Notably, we were pleased to find they had included an Integra humidity shield, which is essential for maintaining the flower’s freshness and vibrancy.

In terms of appearance, the buds had a leafy composition and felt light and airy. When it comes to bag appeal, we must say that we have seen better offerings from Holy Mountain. The leaves exhibited a combination of light and dark green hues, complemented by orange pistils and a thin layer of trichomes. These buds could have benefited from further trimming, as they appeared to be of slightly lower quality compared to other strains from the same brand. When comparing it to our previous experiences with their products, this particular flower had the least visually appealing presentation.


As we sparked up a joint and began our session, our anticipation grew, hoping that the taste and overall smoking experience would compensate for the underwhelming appearance. Unfortunately, the flavour fell short of our expectations. It was disappointingly muted, making it difficult to discern the distinctive kushy elements that we had hoped to savor. Additionally, the smoke proved to be harsher than anticipated, which may be attributed to the excess leaf that was present on most of the buds.

The flavour profile turned out to be rather generic, reminiscent of a typical cannabis or herbal taste. Regrettably, it lacked the memorable and unique qualities that we usually associate with top-notch strains.


Our bag was part of lot number 320504230224 and was packaged on February 24, 2023. With a THC percentage of 21.3% and a price of $119.95 for 28 grams (or $21.95 for 3.5 grams), our overall experience with this strain was decent, but it left us undecided about placing another order in the future.

The high hit almost instantly, delivering a pleasant indica effect that didn’t overwhelm the senses. It leaned more towards providing a cerebral energy rather than a physical one. However, in comparison to the other three strains we have previously tried from Holy Mountain, Vanilla Gelato fell short. It seemed somewhat out of place because the trim jobs were not as meticulous, the bud quality was not as impressive, and the flavours were not as robust. We sincerely hope that this was merely an anomaly in the brand’s lineup and not indicative of a decline in overall quality. It’s worth noting that some members of the community mentioned that a previous lot of this strain was significantly better, but clearly, something has changed, resulting in flower of average quality in our experience.

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Vanilla Gelato from Holy Mountain offers a mixed experience. This indica-dominant strain, a cross between Jet Fuel Gelato and White Flow, delivers a euphoric high with uplifting cerebral effects. The unique blend of Kush, herbal, and diesel aromas adds to its allure. However, the strain falls short in terms of flavour, with muted kushy elements and a harsher smoke. Plus, the buds were leafy and could have been better trimmed. With a price of $119.95 for 28 grams (or $21.95 for 3.5 grams), Vanilla Gelato left us feeling a little disappointed.
  • Unique blend of Kush, herbal, and diesel aromas
  • Mild euphoric high with uplifting cerebral effects
  • Inclusion of Integra Humidity Shield for freshness
  • Muted flavour with hard-to-detect kushy elements
  • Harsher smoke possibly due to excess leaf
  • Falls short compared to Holy Mountain's other strains
Smell - 7.3
Appearance - 6.4
Flavour - 6.7
Experience - 6.5
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