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How to Get Rid of Cannabis Smell

Below you'll find our simple guide for getting rid of the cannabis smell after you smoke a joint or hit the bong.
How to Get Rid of Cannabis Smell

If you’re already a user, then you know what cannabis smells like and how it can leave a lingering smell in your hair, clothes and home.

This can be problematic if you don’t want your friends, family or co-workers knowing that you smoke weed. So let’s explore how to get rid of cannabis smell. In this article, we’re going to share what causes that distinct cannabis smell, how to reduce the odour, and most importantly tips to cover up the smell quickly.

First of all, why does cannabis smell the way it does?

One of the biggest variables affecting the smell is how and when the plant was harvested. For example, when cannabis reaches full maturity, it can produce a much stronger and pungent aroma when burned. The smell can be quite different when compared to plants that were harvested while still young.

The terpene combination can also greatly impact the the smell of your cannabis. For example strains with high amounts of Limonene will typically have a strong citrus smell which differs from strains with large amounts of Caryophyllene which produces a distinct peppery aroma.

Linalool is another very fragrant terpenes and is found in many different cannabis strains. Pink Kush and Amnesia Haze are both strains known to be high in linalool and therefore are widely loved for their intense smell. Here are some other popular strains known for their delivering a strong aroma:

In case you’re wondering, the skunky smell that is most commonly associated with cannabis actually comes from Myrcene which is most plentiful terpene. Lemongrass and hops are alternative sources of myrcene, which explains why they have subtle undertones of earth and musk. 

Tips to prevent the smell of cannabis

If you’re concerned about the smell of cannabis taking over your house or live with people who don’t like the smell as much as you, then follow these simple strategies to keep the smell under control.

  1. Pick a strain known for having a lighter smell. For example Papaya, Northern Lights or the less known Quick One.
  2. Always store your cannabis in an airtight container so it stays fresh and doesn’t stink up the house.
  3. Consider alternative methods of consumption like a concentrate vape pen.
  4. Try to use a pipe instead of smoking joints and bongs. Pipes produce much less smoke and therefore don’t smell quite so strong.
  5. Make a sploof and exhale through it – you only need dryer sheets, toilet paper, and a rubber band to hold it altogether.

How to cover up cannabis smell

Covering up the smell of cannabis is not difficult if you know where to start. Here are a couple of proven ways to quickly clear out of the smell of weed:

Popcorn: This works better than you might expect. Cook a bag of microwaveable popcorn and let the kernels burn a bit. What ends up happening is the smell of the burned popcorn and butter overpowers the smell of the cannabis.

Air Freshener: Obviously try opening a window first, but if that doesn’t do the trick, you can spray some air freshener or some Febreeze. Make sure it’s non-toxic if you have pets or small children.

Aromatherapy: Everyone’s initial go-to, but air fresheners only add another layer on top of the cannabis smell. However if you use a mix of incense and essential oils you can quickly transform the smell to something more appealing. Try a combination of potent oils like eucalyptus, citrus, peppermint and rosemary.

Cleaning: All the tips above are great for getting rid of the smell from the air. To get rid of the smell on yourself (hands, hair, etc.) the only effective solution is to jump in the shower and change your clothes.

Bottom line

By doing a little bit of preparation you can assure smoking your favourite cannabis strain can be enjoyably for you and everyone else around. Follow these simple tips to keep your next session from turning into a stinky situation.

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A cannabis enthusiast, writer, and dab diva who is dedicated to helping you understand the constantly evolving world of recreational cannabis.

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