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Hustle & Shake Flavour of Month (Dark Shadow x Ghost Train Haze) Review

Prepare to embark on a tantalizing journey through the aromatic wonderland of Hustle and Shake's Flavour of the Month! This sativa-dominant strain, born from the enchanting fusion of Dark Shadow and Ghost Train Haze, beckons you with promises of exceptional tastes and intriguing experiences. Get ready to savor fruity undertones, indulge in a smooth and gentle high, and uncover the secrets hidden within each bud.

Introducing Hustle & Shake Flavour of Month, a potent sativa-dominant strain that was made by crossing Dark Shadow and Ghost Train Haze. While information about this product may be scarce, we do know it’s comprised of hand-selected strains renowned for their extraordinary flavour profiles.

Let’s delve into the distinctive characteristics of Flavour of the Month and compare it to its counterparts, such as Kolab’s Dark Shadow Haze and UP’s Ghost Train Haze.

hustle shake flavour of month dark shadow x ghost train haze review 1 merry jade


Upon unsealing the plastic container we were greeted by a rather mild and unassuming aroma. A subtle sweetness lingered in the air, albeit overshadowed by the dominant earthy and hay-like scent. The overall smell could be described as rather generic and lacking distinctiveness. If you were anticipating a strong and pungent aroma, this particular strain might not meet your expectations.


The flower arrived in a small white plastic container commonly used in the industry. The container was equipped with a secure lid to ensure freshness. Upon examining the jar, we observed a front label that prominently displayed important details including the brand name, product name, weight, type of flower, lineage, information about the cannabinoid content, along with the total terpenes. On the back label, we found the contact information for the grower, along with packaging details and a lot number, ensuring transparency and traceability.

Upon opening the container, we were pleased to find an Integra humidity shield, unfortunately it did not do much as the flower was still quite dry. As we examined the buds, we noticed an abundance of sugar leaves and “crows feet,” suggesting that the trimming process might have been less precise. They felt densely packed and had a slight sponginess when squeezed between our fingers. There were only a few pistil hairs visible, and when not obscured by sugar leaves, the buds appeared to have a light green colour. Although the trim job was disappointing, we remained optimistic that the flavour profile would make up for any visual imperfections.


With excitement, we hand-rolled a joint of Hustle and Shake’s Flavour of the Month, eager to embark on a flavourful journey. As we took our first inhale, our taste buds were greeted by a robust and earthy purple grapes taste. The luscious essence of the grapes enveloped our senses, offering a delightful and alluring experience filled with fruity delight.

However, upon exhaling, the initial purple grapes flavour swiftly succumbed to an intense surge of black pepper. This unexpected note dominated our palates, unleashing a potent spiciness that irritated the throat and led to frequent bouts of coughing after just a few puffs. While the initial taste held promise, the overpowering presence of black pepper proved to be a challenging aspect of the smoking experience. It caused discomfort and detracted from the overall enjoyment of the joint.


Our container of Hustle and Shake’s Flavour of the Month came from lot number PR230213C, carefully packaged on January 4, 2023. Unfortunately, we were somewhat let down by Hustle and Shake’s Flavour of the Month, priced at $23.50 for 3.5 grams, despite its promising 29.5% THC and 0.61% CBD levels. The underwhelming appearance and flavor of the product left us feeling disappointed.

The surprising aspect of this strain was its notably mild high. It provided a subtle mental distraction, gently guiding us into a state of tranquility. Additionally, a mild to moderate sensation of tired eyes accompanied the high, contributing to a slight sense of relaxation. Although the THC percentage hinted at a stronger impact, we have noticed this pattern in many sativa strains we have previously tried. Nonetheless, the mild nature of the high makes it suitable for any time of the day, as it does not weigh us down or hinder our daily activities. However, despite its affordable price of under $25, it is difficult to wholeheartedly recommend this strain due to its overall underwhelming qualities.

hustle shake flavour of month dark shadow x ghost train haze review 2 merry jade
hustle shake flavour of month dark shadow x ghost train haze review 3 merry jade
hustle shake flavour of month dark shadow x ghost train haze review 4 merry jade
hustle shake flavour of month dark shadow x ghost train haze review 5 merry jade
hustle shake flavour of month dark shadow x ghost train haze review 6 merry jade


Hustle and Shake's Flavour of the Month combines Dark Shadow with Ghost Train Haze, resulting in an affordable sativa priced at $23.50 for 3.5 grams. While the strain boasts exceptional flavour profiles with fruity undertones, its lackluster appearance and subpar trimming job may disappoint some consumers. The smooth and gentle high offers relaxation without impairing productivity, making it suitable for daytime use. Additionally, the inclusion of a humidity pack ensures optimal freshness. However, the overpowering black pepper taste and mild potency might not satisfy those seeking stronger effects.
  • Affordable price for budget-conscious consumers
  • Contains a humidity pack for optimal freshness
  • Suitable for daytime use without impairing productivity.
  • Subpar trimming job with excess sugar leaves
  • Mild high may disappoint those seeking stronger effects
  • Overwhelming black pepper taste can be off-putting
Smell - 6.4
Appearance - 5.3
Flavour - 6.7
Experience - 6.6
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