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Hustle & Shake King of the North Review & Vape Photos

King of the North is a sweet tasting, high potency, terpene-enhanced vape cartridge from Hustle & Shake.

The King of the North vape cartridge from Hustle & Shake is a type of cannabis product that leans towards making you feel relaxed. It has roots connected to a strain called Obama Kush, which is known for its calming effects.

People who have tried this vape cartridge say that it has a flavour profile that combines woody, earthy, and musky tastes, with a strong citrusy pine aftertaste and subtle hints of tropical berry. Hustle & Shake carefully crafted this product using precise scientific methods, creating each molecule and combining them with a concentrated form of THC (the compound in cannabis that can make you feel high). They then mix it with a blend of 30 different terpenes, which are natural compounds found in plants that contribute to their aroma and taste.

Check our review, rating and photos below.

hustle shake king of the north review vape photos 1 merry jade


The product arrived in an industry standard black plastic bag with resealable zipper opening. As you open the pouch your nose is met with a strong berry smell, similar to a sour berry with a little bit of musky sweetness. We honestly couldn’t wait to try it after smelling such a delicious aroma.  


King of the North is packaged in a black resealable pouch which clearly does a good job locking in that delicious smell. The cartridge had a beautiful silver stainless steel tip with the hustle and shake logo at the front. Although not found on the packaging they claim every cartridge has 4% – 5% minor cannabinoids (CBC, CBG, CBN and THCV) and 3% – 5% terpenes. It would be useful to include this information on future packaging so consumers know exactly what terpenes and cannabinoids they’re receiving.


As you inhale the cartridge you’re hit with a strong tropical musky punch followed by an earthy, pine-berry exhale, that will leave you wanting more. However you need to remember this is a high THC, terpene enhanced cartridge which is stronger than dried flower. 


Listed with 85% THC content and a price tag of $39.99, we found Hustle & Shake’s King of the North to be a very relaxing and uplifting cartridge. Total body high that can help ease any aches and pains while putting a smile on your face. This product would be a great option after a long day or to help get you in mood for bed due to the high potency and only needing one or two puffs.

hustle shake king of the north review vape photos 2 merry jade
hustle shake king of the north review vape photos 3 merry jade

Hustle & Shake's King of the North is a terpene enriched vape cartridge with a sweet flavour and aroma. Listed with 85% THC content and a price of $39.99, we found it delivered a very relaxing and uplifting experience. Expect a total body high that can help ease any aches and pains while putting a smile on your face. Great option after a long day or help get you in mood for bed due to the high potency of one puff.
  • Sweet aroma and flavour
  • High ratio of THC content
  • Very strong indica high
  • Could provide more info on packaging
  • Appealing flavour may result in overuse
  • Not ideal for those seeking an energetic high
Smell - 8.2
Appearance - 7.9
Flavour - 6.7
Experience - 7.3
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