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Jonny Chronic Pyramid Review

Pyramid from Jonny Chronic is an indica-dominant strain that was created by crossing Triangle Kush with Maestro Synchronicity.

Jonny Chronic Pyramid is described as a moderately potent indica with dense buds, rich green and purple tones combined with an even layer of sugary trichomes. It was created originally by crossing Triangle Kush and Maestro Synchronicity.

Most interesting is Pyramid’s rather complex terpene profile that includes caryophyllene, myrcene, fenchol and limonene. The combination produces an aroma many users compare to a blend of gassy, citrusy lemon with hints of sandalwood. Jonny Chronic states on their website that Pyramid is grown in micro batches while being trimmed and packaged by hand to assure the product quality remains high.

Back in May we reviewed Jonny Chronic’s Cherry Bomb strain and thought it was a pretty good sativa. So how does their indica-dominant flower Pyramid compare?

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The product arrived in small white plastic bag with resealable zipper top. Upon opening we detected a moderate aroma of earthy wood and sweet hops. However the earthy wood smell seemed to stand out and be more prominent. We did not detect much of a citrus or gassy aroma and the strength of the smell would be considered moderate at best.


We were definitely more impressed with the appearance then the smell. Unfortunately no moisture/terpene shield was included in the container and it was packaged in January (8 months ago) so the buds were dry and a bit flakey. However they were larger in nature and contained a mix of bright greens and dark purple combined with bright orange hairs a nice layer of trichomes. If only they would include a moisture shield…


Jonny Chronic’s Pyramid has a flavour that is pretty consistent with it’s aroma. However the flavour seemed to have a bit more kick then the smell. While smoking we noticed the pungent earthy wood was replaced with a smoother and sweeter herbal taste. However due to the dryness the smoke itself was a bit harsh but nowhere near the worse we have seen.


We liked Pyramid from Jonny Chronic more then expected. Plus the shape is a good analogy for the type of high you can expect to experience… very little upstairs with the majority of focus below. It delivered a mild mental high that was tranquil while feeling clear and focused, however that was combined with a much stronger body high leaving you a little bit couch locked temporarily. This product will not overpower you, but we feel could have been so much better with the inclusion of a simple moisture/terpene shield. All that being said, we liked Jonny Chronic’s Unicorn Poop more than this one but would rate Pyramid higher then JC’s Acapulco Gold (unfortunate because Acapulco Gold is a rarer Landrace strain).

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Pyramid from Jonny Chronic is a moderately strong indica with an earthy, woody and herbal flavour and smell. It delivered a mild mental high that was tranquil and combined with a much stronger body high that left us feeling a little couch locked temporarily. However we feel it could have been so much better with the inclusion of a simple moisture/terpene shield.
  • Dense, well grown buds
  • Balanced smell and flavour
  • Product was overweight
  • No moisture pack
  • Not available in larger quantities
  • Dry and flaky buds
Smell - 7.3
Appearance - 8.2
Flavour - 7.6
Experience - 7.4
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