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Justin Beaver Ultra Thin Hemp Rolling Papers Review

Justin Beaver Rolling Paper are made from hemp, include filter papers and a magnetic top to easily close you pack.

Justin Beaver Ultra Thin Hemp Rolling Papers are made by the company ND Supplies & Packaging.

Like many others, you may not have heard of this company but we’ve seen them at trade shows and other industry events. I actually think we got this pack from some budtender event. Since we’ve been on a nice rolling paper review kick the last couple of months we figured why not add these to the list and see how they burn.

Do they compare favourably or poorly to Moon, Futurola and Smoking Papers?

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I immediately was struck by the quality of the cardboard package that held everything together including the rolling papers which were tucked inside a small sleeve. The inner flap had a small magnet which did a great job keeping the front closed.

The papers were described as ultra-thin hemp paper and indeed they were thin and burned well. However when you compare to something like Smoking’s Thinnest or Zig Zag white cones then it starts becoming more apparent that the paper is thicker than some of these competing brands.

The joint we rolled did burn smoothly and the real issue we ran into was some running at the start until the cherry was established.

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One nice thing I noticed was how Justin Beaver preps their filter papers.

Normally these are just flat pieces of rectangular paper that you roll into a circle and insert into the end of you joint. However to make things easier and more effective, Justin Beaver added several rows of perforated marks on the left side of the filter to make rolling even easier. This is a perfect shape for a filter and really does a great job preventing bits of flower getting through.

The paper themselves are 1 1/4″ and although they’re described as ultra-thin they feel closer to medium thinness which should be fine for most smokers.

justin beaver ultra thin hemp rolling papers review photos 4 merry jade


Now you need to determine if Justin Beaver rolling papers work good enough that you remember to reorder them online before running out.

You see, that’s one of their problems now and a reason I always seem to end up back with Zig Zig because they’re readily available at my corner store. The good news is that you can order this Justin Beaver from different smoke shops and Amazon so if you’re interested in trying them you should not have difficulty acquiring them. The single packs will set you back $3.00 and include 33 leave with 33 filter tips. The larger option offers a case of 24 packs which sells for around $55.00.

We liked this product including the magnetic tab that kept everything shut and the perforated filter paper however the actual paper was thicker than expected and the price too high.

Justin Beaver rolling paper are made from hemp and currently available in single packs for $3.00 and includes 33 leaves with filter tips. We liked the convenient magnetic tab that kept everything shut and together in addition to the filter paper with perforated edges to make rolling easier.
  • Magnetic cover to easily close
  • Perforated filter paper for easier rolling
  • Hemp based rolling paper
  • Price point ($3.00 for 30 leaves)
  • Ultra thin paper was not really thin
  • Can be hard to find locally
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