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Kooki-Jar On-The-Go Kit Review

KookiJar's "On-The-Go Kit" contains everything you need to prepare and roll cannabis while "on-the-go" including a nice leather case.

Today we’re reviewing a cannabis accessory from KookiJar called the “On-The-Go Kit” which comes in OG Black (the version we have) and Classy Pink.

The Kooki-Jar On-The-Go Kit was designed to be a fully loaded kit for those who don’t stay in one place too long except to have a quick toke. However does it do a good enough job that you’d remember to pack it or not worth the space it takes meaning you’d quickly move on to something else?

Let’s find out and compare it with other portable weed kits like the Very Happy Kit.

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The kit contents are contained nicely inside a genuine leather zipper pouch which felt like decent quality material. The pouch measures 6.5 inches long, 4 inches high and 1.5 inches thick. It also has a combo lock to ensure young ones can’t get in to your stash – bonus!

Aside from the quality pouch, the components that make up this kit include:

  • Doob tube
  • One-hitter
  • Grinder
  • Storage container
  • Rolling papers

The doob tube is 4.5 inches long and 5 1/8 inches in diameter which makes it big enough to store a joint rolled with king size rolling papers. It has a smooth screw on cap that also includes an o-ring making this tube both odor and water-proof. The best part is it easily replaces the plastic doob tubes since this one is made from medical grade stainless steel. We created this tutorial on how to roll a joint if it’s something you’re curious about but haven’t learned yet.

The one-hitter is spring-loaded for easy ash removal and measures 3 1/8 inches in length and 3/8 inches diameter. The packing space is 3/8 inch deep which is more than enough for 2-3 good pulls. Be aware that using it more than once back to back will make it warm and the spring can sometimes jam. However the body is made of medical grade stainless steel so if you take care of your stuff it should last.

The grinder comes in the shape and thickness of a standard credit card measuring 2 1/8 inches wide and 3 3/8 inches long. The grater area is 7/8 inch wide by 3 inches long with a sharp side and a dull size just like a cheese grater. Once again it’s made from medical grade surgical steel so you should find it to be quite durable.

The storage container is made from medical grade stainless steel and has a screw on lid which makes it smell proof. It has rounded edges with a diameter of 2 1/8 inches and is 13/16 of an inch thick. It can hold about 2-3 grams of bud comfortably.

The KookiJar branded rolling papers that came with the kit are 1 1/4 size. They’re unbleached, made of 100% organic hemp and come with perforated filter tips. It feels like they thought of everything but the single oversight may be no lighter or source of fire which means you’ll need to remember that or seek out a fellow toker to get lit.

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As mentioned earlier, the leather pouch holds all the tools and supplies provided. The combo lock was easy to set and should keep young curious minds at bay; however don’t expect it to hold up to any type of serious physical force.

The overall size of the kit seems best suited for women given they can store it inside their purse, but you could also easily stick this inside a jacket or backpack pocket. Just be aware it’s too large to simply put in your pant pockets and still be comfortable.

The Doob tube is smell proof and we can confirm water-proof too! Just note that it may be difficult to unscrew the lid if you have dry skin or the air is really dry as friction is your friend here.

The spring-loaded One-Hitter is pocket sized and really easy to use. The spring however does occasionally jam which isn’t a big deal and you’ll need to light up for each hit. Given the shallow depth it is surprising to be able to get 2-3 good pulls before needing to ash it.

Being able to keep a grinder card in your wallet has its pros and cons. It is mobile and easy to use just like having a mobile cheese grater on hand. To use it effectively the buds will need to be dense and since the bud is turned into shavings, it is best used as a last resort before being forced to use your fingers. Of course don’t expect this to do the same type of work as something like Ryot’s Kannastor Grinder.

Every toker needs a smell proof, water-resistant and durable travel size container like this one that easily fits in a pocket. This one holds about 2-3 grams of unground dried flower easily.

Never leave home without your rolling papers. The KookiJar branded 1 1/4″ size rolling papers are decent quality and aimed at most users who are comfortable rolling joints. Including filter tips that are perforated makes rolling tight filters a breeze and to solve the problem of curling papers, there is a magnetic seal in the pack to keep your papers flat.

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KookiJar’s The On-The-Go Kit has definitely been given a lot of thought.

This branded kit comes inside a leather pouch and includes a steel grinder card, doob tube, storage container, one-hitter and rolling papers. Currently it’s available through KookiJar’s website for $100 which saves you around $25 if you were to pick these items up separately.

This is a very good setup for those constantly on the move with little down time that need a quick puff when there isn’t time to chill with a nice joint. From the leather case to all the equipment being medical grade stainless steel, there isn’t much more required aside from a good lighter.

While each item in this kit is of high quality in its own right, it will be up to you to decide if this kit meets your frequent travel needs.

KookiJar's "On-The-Go Kit" contains everything you need to prepare and roll cannabis while "on-the-go" including a leather pouch, grinder card, doob tube, storage container, one-hitter and rolling papers. Bundled together on KookiJar's website for $100 which will save you around $25 if purchased individually. From the leather case to the medical grade stainless steel construction, there isn't much more required aside from a good lighter.
  • Leather pouch with lock
  • Medical grade stainless steel
  • Doob tube is water-proof
  • One-hitter jams occasionally
  • Doob tube cap hard to open
  • No lighter included
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