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KookiJar Standard Custom Weed Storage Gift Box Review & Photos

KookiJar's Weed Storage Gift Box is a group of items that make the perfect gift for people who love preserving the freshness and terpenes in their weed.

KookiJar is a cannabis accessories brand with a focus on creating showcase-able physical storage for your weed to preserve freshness and terpenes.

They make products for people who want to both maintain humidity levels while enjoying the physical beauty displayed by the plant. A couple of weeks ago we reviewed their “On The Go” smokers kit and liked it more than we expected which made us interested in their flagship product… the stash jars.

The Custom Weed Storage Gift Box we got included 2 personal sized containers along with a few other items which combined are suppose to make this a perfect gift for both new smokers and savvy cannasseurs.

Check our review, rating and photos below.

kooki jar standard gift box review photos 1 merry jade


Here’s what we got inside the box:

  • The Compact (Small Glass Stash Jar)
  • The Blackout (On-the-Go Glass Jar)
  • Boveda Humidity Packs
  • The Trichome Lamp
  • Wallet Grinder Card
  • King-Size Rolling Papers
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • KookiJar App Stickers
  • Download Link for Mobile App

The Compact stash jar is one of the main items and features an innovative, custom-designed 5x magnifying lid lets you view, inspect, and present your flower in detail.  The main body is made from tinted glass to provide additional UV protection. I found the jar could hold 10 – 14 grams depending on the size of the buds unless you don’t care about squishing. You also get a microfiber cloth to prevent scratching the glass.

The Blackout stash jar is smaller but once again made from tinted glass for UV protection. This jar is the ideal size to throw in your backpack on the next road trip. It’s about half the size and comfortably can hold 3.5 grams of dried flower.

The Trichome Lamp is a pocket LED flashlight with two intensity levels and a long-lasting, USB re-chargeable battery. It measures 5 1/4″ and could easily fit inside your pocket, bag or purse. 

KookiJar’s Wallet Grinder is the size of a credit card (2″ x 3″) and made of stainless steel. This would likely be a last resort as there are faster ways to prepare your bud. They did mention this grinder was designed in a way to prevent unnecessary trichome loss.

The last item of note was a pack of king sized hemp rolling papers made from organic, unbleached, and non-GMO paper. This pack also had perforated filter tips attached.

kooki jar standard gift box review photos 2 merry jade


As you might expect, both storage jars are pretty straightforward to use and shouldn’t require much of an explanation from us.

Simply add your dried flower with the provided Boveda humidity pack (or any brand of your choice) and screw on the lid. The Compact jar allows you to inspect the flower without removing it from the jar as it comes with a custom-built 5x magnifying lid. My first reaction to The Trichome Lamp was that it was a bit of a gimmick, but after using these tinted glass jars it become obvious this extra light source was needed to properly see inside.

If you want to do more than just preserve the flower, then you can take it up another level in terms of categorization. Each jar comes with a set of coloured stickers that can be used with or without the free KookiJar mobile app. The colouring system was developed by The Amazing Flower who are the team which has partnered with KookiJar to provide some of the scientific data.

When I first heard about the mobile app it sounded like a really cool idea however after using it I’ve come to realize it doesn’t pair the way I hoped (for example to track humidity levels or expiry dates). Instead the primary use is to track what you’ve collected in each jar, how your experience was, in addition to updates from the world of cannabis. The same colour system used for the stickers is also applied to the app.

kooki jar standard gift box review photos 3 merry jade


This product can be ordered directly from KookiJar for $75 (plus tax and shipping) which is reasonable when you factor in what you get.

Of course not everyone is going to see the need to get special jars for their cannabis. Some people just want to get high and not worry about the details and if so that’s totally fine but this product is not for you. For the rest of us who understand the value of using tinted glass and the ability to see the flower without opening the jar then you’re really going to love what the team at KookiJar is doing.

Just to recap, the Standard Weed Storage Gift Box included:

  • The Compact (Small Glass Stash Jar)
  • The Blackout (On-the-Go Glass Jar)
  • Boveda Humidity Packs in each jar
  • The Trichome Lamp
  • Wallet Grinder Card
  • King-Size Rolling Papers
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • KookiJar App Stickers

If you’re interested in preserving the terpenes and overall freshness of your flower then these jars are a major step up from plastic containers and Ziploc bags.

kooki jar standard gift box review photos 5 merry jade
kooki jar standard gift box review photos 4 merry jade
KookiJar's Weed Storage Gift Box is for people who love preserving their weed as much as consuming. If you're like us and are interested in preserving the terpenes and overall freshness of your flower then these tinted jars are a major setup from plastic containers and freezer bags.
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Quality reusable containers
  • Pairs with mobile app
  • Holds less then described
  • Price point ($75 for 2 jars)
  • Jars can break if dropped
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