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KushStar King Size Slim Leaves and Filter Tips Review

Brace yourselves for a groovy journey into the realm of KushStar's King Size Slim pack. And guess what? These bad boys come with a bonus feature: perforated filters that'll make you feel like a smoking maestro. So, put on your smoking caps, grab your sense of adventure, and join us as we unveil this brand.

In this review, we explore KushStar King Size Slim Leaves and Filter Tips. These rolling papers are King Size in length, similar to standard rolling papers in width, and made entirely from organic hemp. The pack also includes handy perforated filters. Join us as we compare KushStar with well-known rolling paper brands like BigBark and Futurola’s King Slims.

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The KushStar King Size Slim rolling papers feature a glossy finish and includes 33 hemp leaves, each measuring 44 mm x 108 mm. Additionally, there are 33 natural perforated filters, with each filter measuring 20 mm by 54 mm. The pack is designed with an interlocking tab, which helps to keep it securely closed. These papers use all-natural Arabic gum for their adhesive. They are King Size in length, have a standard width, and a thickness of 12.5 GSM, providing a satisfying smoking experience. It’s important to note that these papers are crafted from 100% organic hemp, making them a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.


These papers have a thickness of 12.5 GSM, which means they feel slightly thicker compared to other brands of rolling papers. It’s important to mention that these papers are King Size in length but have the same width as standard rolling papers. This size difference might make it a bit trickier for some users to roll their desired smoke. However, once you get the hang of it, the rolling experience with these papers is similar to using other popular rolling paper brands.


KushStar is a Canadian brand located in Quebec that provides its products to customers. You can purchase a single pack of their King Size Slim Hemp rolling papers with perforated filters for $2.49 CAD. These papers are conveniently sold on their official website and select third-party retailers. If you’re a fan of large hemp rolling papers, then these will likely be a perfect match.

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KushStar King Size Slim rolling papers offer a high-quality construction, ensuring a satisfying smoking experience. These papers are crafted from 100% organic hemp, making them an environmentally friendly choice. The convenient interlocking tab keeps the pack securely closed, and their King Size length accommodates larger smoking sessions. While they may feel slightly thicker than other brands and the size dimension can be challenging for rolling, overall, they provide a comparable experience to other lesser-known rolling paper brands.
  • Environmentally friendly: made from organic hemp
  • Convenient interlocking tab keeps the pack secure
  • Includes perforated filter tips
  • Size dimension may be challenging for rolling
  • Limited availability through select third-party retailers
  • Thicker feel compared to other rolling papers
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