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Legend Cactus Breath Review

Cactus Breath from Legend is an indica-leaning hybrid with over 15% THC and an earthy sourdough flavour profile.

Legend Cactus Breath is a hybrid that was created by crossing Mendo Breath and Cactus strains.

Users typically describe this flower as having a pungent sourdough smell with earthy, herbal and floral undertones. Although not known to have extremely high levels of THC, many still report the high as a combination of physical relaxation with a calming of the mind. It will be interesting to see how this compares to something like Coterie’s Mendo Breath.

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The flower arrived in a large black plastic bag with zipper opening. We tore open the seal and were greeted with a moderately strong earthy herbs aroma with a mild musky undertone. Thinking of a cactus is actually not hard when you take in a deep inhale of this strain.


There was no humidity shield included in the bag so unfortunately the buds were extremely dry. Essentially just squeezing them between your fingertips will turn the flower to dust. In terms of how the flower looked, they were all very small buds (budlets) with a dark colour tone, orange hairs and a moderately thick layer of amber trichome crystals. Even though appearance is not the reason to buy this product it would still have been nice to get some larger nugs that were a bit fresher.


We expected the taste to being similar to the smell and essentially that’s what we got. The flavour profile runs a close parallel to the aroma which reminded us of earthy herbs with a subtle but still recognizable undertone of musk. The taste would have been better if the flower was fresher which also would have produced a smoother smoke.


Our bag was part of lot 2206709 with a package date of August 24, 2022. It was listed with 15.5% THC content and had a price tag of $99.95 for 28 grams, although it had a mild THC percentage we found this strain delivered a surprisingly strong high. You can definitely feel this one leaning towards the indica side of things with a relaxing but not overpowering mental fog. Even with such a low percentage we think some higher tolerance users would enjoy this one, just be prepared for the dryness and harsh smoke. However if that’s not an issue for you then this one can provide good value for the money.

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Legend's Cactus Breath is an indica-leaning hybrid with an earthy aroma, 15.5% THC and priced at $99.95 for 28 grams. We thought this one produced a strong high even though it has a mild THC rating. Relaxing but not overpowering so there is some value here except the fact it was so dry and harsh. The buds were also very tiny but you're probably not buying this product for it's looks.
  • Price point ($99.95 for 28 grams)
  • Earthy herbal aroma and flavour
  • Felt stronger then 15% THC
  • Buds were very dry
  • Harsh smoking experience
  • Only available in 28 grams
Smell - 7.2
Appearance - 6
Flavour - 7.1
Experience - 7
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