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Aqualitas Inc.

Aqualitas Inc., known as Aqualitas, is a trusted source for organically grown medical cannabis. They are located in southwest Nova Scotia, along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. They are dedicated to cultivating high-quality cannabis products with a strong emphasis on organic practices and a profound respect for Mother Nature.

Founded in 2014, their team has emerged as a leading player in Canada's medical cannabis industry. They have earned recognition as Canada's first Clean Green Certified producer, commended for their commitment to organic cultivation, sustainable packaging, and stringent quality control.

Aqualitas serves both the medical and adult-use markets nationally and internationally. In addition to their core medical brand, they offer a diverse portfolio of brands that cater to various consumer preferences.

Reef Organic is their premium adult-use brand, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers who seek high-quality organic cannabis. Reef Organic products are carefully crafted and packaged in a manner that aligns with sustainable practices.

Current is a collective of unique, small-batch cannabis sourced from top craft growers across Canada. These products are curated by the Aqualitas team and specifically cater to craft cannabis enthusiasts, delivering exceptional quality and sought-after strains.

They take pride in their commitment to diversity and inclusion, with a significant percentage of women and individuals from visible minority groups comprising their team. They prioritize innovation and continually engage in research and development to explore novel methods for growing premium cannabis while minimizing energy consumption and employing eco-friendly approaches.


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