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AtlantiCann Medical Inc.

AtlantiCann Medical, commonly known as Atlanticann Medical or simply Atlanticann, is dedicated to producing high-quality cannabis in a controlled environment. With a strong emphasis on quality assurance, each cultivar undergoes meticulous cultivation practices and is subjected to third-party lab testing conducted by Health Canada approved laboratories. These tests ensure accurate measurement of cannabinoid potency, including THC and CBD levels, as well as the evaluation of terpenes, microbial content, and chemical contaminants.

The company's state-of-the-art indoor facility has been purposefully designed and constructed for the cultivation of cannabis. Instead of utilizing a single large growing space, they employ multiple dedicated growing rooms, each equipped with custom-designed irrigation, lighting, and climate control systems. This approach allows for precise control over the growing conditions, optimizing the quality and consistency of the plants.

Recognizing that cannabis flowers exhibit a diverse range of shapes and sizes, Atlanticann employs a meticulous hand-trimming process. This manual technique enables the team to showcase the natural beauty and unique characteristics of each bud. While machines may offer efficiency, their team prioritizes a slower, detail-oriented approach, ensuring that every bud receives the attention it deserves. By maintaining stringent quality standards, Atlanticann Medical surpasses the required thresholds, eliminating the need for irradiation and successfully passing all microbial tests.

AtlantiCann Medical's commitment to excellence is evident throughout their cultivation and processing practices. By upholding strict quality assurance protocols, utilizing a sophisticated indoor facility, and employing meticulous hand-trimming techniques, they set a benchmark for superior cannabis products in the industry.


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