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Ayurcann is a leading post-harvest solutions provider in the Canadian cannabis industry. With a focus on the adult-use and medical cannabis markets, they specialize in creating custom processes and pharmaceutical-grade products. They offer end-to-end outsourcing solutions, including extraction and refinement, formulation and packaging, as well as fulfillment and distribution services. Ayurcann has the experience, expertise, and network to assist partners in Canada and internationally.

Their journey began with a Health Canada application and successful financing rounds. They obtained high-level approval and secured their first client for extraction services. Additionally, they were granted an R&D license and installed extraction and purification equipment.

In 2020, Ayurcann achieved significant milestones, including a Standard Processing License and generating over $2,500,000 in revenue. They expanded their service offering to meet the needs of the Cannabis 2.0 market. Continuing their growth, Ayurcann entered Phase II facility expansion and obtained a Sales License. They launched their XPLOR branded medical products and established distribution channels for brand partners.

Ayurcann's strengths lie in their experience and expertise in post-harvest cannabis production, offering flexible production processes and a dedicated Research and Development lab. They have access to an extensive library of terpenes and operate from a specialized processing facility in Pickering, Ontario, with a capacity of up to 200,000kg of dry cannabis annually.

With their commitment to high-quality products and services, Ayurcann supports the success of their partners in the adult-use and medical cannabis industry.


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Product Reviews

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Introducing Hustle & Shake Flavour of Month, a potent sativa-dominant strain that was made by crossing Dark Shadow and Ghost Train Haze. While information about this product may be scarce, we do k...

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Fuego Sunny Daze Pre-Roll Review

Fuego Sunny Daze Pre-Roll is a pre-rolled joint that boasts a sativa-dominant lineage with an intriguing and mysterious lineage. Despite its unclear origins, this joint is infused with a harmonious bl...

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Fuego Death Bubba Dablicator Review

Fuego Death Bubba Dablicator is a type of concentrated extract in a simple-to-use distillate pen that is highly portable and very potent. If you’re after precision dosing, then you use this Dabl...

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Fuego Strawberry Cannacolada 510 Vape Review

Fuego Strawberry Cannacolada is a 510 vape cartridge with a taste described as strawberries, pineapple and coconut. Plus, at 87% THC content it’s a potent product and ideal for when you need to ...

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Hustle & Shake King of the North Vape Review

Hustle & Shake King of the North Vape cartridge is a type of cannabis product that leans towards making you feel relaxed. It has roots connected to a strain called Obama Kush, which is known for i...

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