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Bloom House

Bloom House Cannabis Co., commonly referred to as Bloom House, is a leading cannabis producer based in the northern region. With a strong commitment to competitive excellence, innovation, and creativity, Bloom House strives to develop superior products that have the potential to transform lives.

The company boasts a remarkable team consisting of highly successful business leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, and a diverse group of experts in cannabis production, cell science, and medical practice. Their collective expertise and shared vision enable them to pursue a common goal of helping people while delivering an exceptional cannabis experience.

At the heart of Bloom House's operations lies their state-of-the-art facility, spanning an impressive 85,820 square feet. Meticulously engineered from the ground up, this facility ensures utmost efficiency in producing premium quality cannabis. One of the standout features is their soilless growing medium, which allows precise control over nutrient levels, resulting in a more consistent product and seeding schedule.

Furthermore, they prioritize the well-being of their plants by implementing advanced air handling units equipped with triple redundant UV, HEPA, and charcoal filtration systems. They go the extra mile to maintain optimal water conditions, utilizing a fully automated stainless steel Dosatron® nutrient delivery system to address any changes in pH.

Bloom House takes pride in their dedicated and passionate team, composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds in cultivation, quality control, trimming, packaging, and security. Their collective expertise and commitment further contribute to the company's overarching mission of helping people and creating a transformative product.

Another notable aspect is their unrivaled genetics seed bank, boasting an extensive collection of over 300 strains. With a focus on terpene-rich cultivars featuring mid- to high-level THC, as well as unique high-level CBD cultivars exclusive to the Canadian LP marketplace, Bloom House continues to expand their portfolio and remain at the forefront of cannabis innovation.

Their cultivation process is marked by precision. They utilize a two-line drip system for redundancy to deliver their meticulously crafted fertigation system to the plants. The use of Rockwell, an inert soilless growing medium, ensures compliance and consistency in their products. Moreover, their cannabis cultivation-specific HVAC system allows for full control over cultivation area temperatures and pH, minimizing the risk of fungi spread and promoting optimal growth at all stages of the plants' lives.

Bloom House also places great importance on the lighting conditions for their plants. Each LED grow light is carefully vetted to ensure the optimal spectrum and intensity, resulting in cannabis products that are not only of the highest quality but visually appealing as well.


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