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BZAM Ltd., headquartered in the vibrant city of Vancouver, BC, is a leading multi-licensed Canadian cannabis producer with a firm commitment to delivering exceptional branded consumer goods. With a strong emphasis on innovation, quality, consistency, integrity, sustainability, and transparency, BZAM has established itself as a trusted name in the cannabis industry.

Driven by a shared passion for the plant, the diverse team at BZAM is dedicated to realizing their vision of becoming Canada's favorite source for cannabis. Their mission is centered around fulfilling consumer desires, becoming the preferred producer for retailers, and ensuring they are the most reliable supplier in every province.

As part of their quest to provide top-notch cannabis products, BZAM has cultivated an impressive family of core brands. Among them, BZAM™, TGOD™, ness™, Highly Dutch Organic™, TABLE TOP™, along with partner brands Dunn Cannabis, FRESH, and Wyld, represent a diverse range of offerings tailored to meet the varied preferences and needs of consumers.

BZAM operates facilities in multiple provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec, ensuring a widespread production and distribution network to serve customers across the country. In addition to their robust production capabilities, BZAM has expanded into the retail sector with stores in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Regina, Saskatchewan, providing customers with convenient access to their esteemed cannabis brands.

Throughout their operations, BZAM remains steadfast in upholding their core values of innovation, quality, consistency, integrity, sustainability, and transparency. By prioritizing these principles, they strive to exceed consumer expectations, foster strong partnerships with retailers, and establish themselves as a reliable and trusted supplier in every province.

With their dynamic team, dedication to excellence, and strategic presence in key regions, BZAM Ltd. is poised to shape the Canadian cannabis landscape and cement its position as a frontrunner in the industry.

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Product Reviews

the green organic dutchman tgod gold butter mac review cannabis photos 7 merry jade 7.7 Cooked 8.2 Blazed User Avg

The Green Organic Dutchman TGOD Organic Gold Butter MAC Review

TGOD Organic Gold Butter MAC is an indica-dominant flower that was created by crossing Peanut Butter Breath with the delicious MAC-1. The end result is supposedly a cultivar that boasts pungent, frost...

fresh alien jelly review cannabis photos 5 merry jade 8.1 Blazed

Fresh Cannabis Co Alien Jelly Review

Fresh Cannabis Co Alien Jelly is an exclusive hybrid strain that was creating by crossing Alien Cookies with Jelly Donuts. The team at Fresh says this cannabis smells like sweet vanilla, citrus, and s...

bzam cobra lips review cannabis photos 5 merry jade 7.9 Cooked 8 Blazed User Avg

BZAM Cobra Lips Review

BZAM Cobra Lips is a sativa-dominant hybrid made by crossing Chemdawg and Appalachia. This one is potent and comes listed over 25% THC with an aroma flavour profile described as being a mix of fruity,...

bzam x dunn cake crasher review cannabis photos 5 merry jade 8.3 Blazed 8.5 Blazed User Avg

BZAM x Dunn Cake Crasher Review

BZAM recently brought out the first flower in a new partnership with Dunn Cannabis – the Cake Crasher, currently available in an eighth for $37.99. The packaging says it’s Wedding Cake cro...

wyld real fruit pear gummies review photos 5 merry jade 7.5 Cooked 7.9 Cooked User Avg

WYLD Real Fruit Pear Soft Chews Review

WYLD Real Fruit Pear Soft Chews are made from real fruit, botanical terpenes and natural flavours. Each gummy has 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBG along with the terpenes limonene, linalool, alpha-pinene, an...

highly dutch organic rotterdam indica reivew cannabis photos 5 cannibros 7.4 Cooked 7.5 Cooked User Avg

Highly Dutch Organic Rotterdam Indica Review

Not long ago we checked out Amsterdam Sativa from Highly Dutch and thought it was a decent smoke. So today we’re reviewing the flip side of the spectrum with Highly Dutch Organic Rotterdam Indic...

highly dutch organic amsterdam sativa review cannabis photos cannibros 7.1 Cooked 7.1 Cooked User Avg

Highly Dutch Organic Amsterdam Sativa Review

Today we’re reviewing the product Highly Dutch Organic Amsterdam Sativa which is a brand owned by TGOD. From what we can tell, their Amsterdam Sativa is a version of the Sour Flower strain. This...

snackbar macslurry review cannabis photos 7.8 Cooked 8.1 Blazed User Avg

Snackbar Macslurry Review

Snackbar Macslurry is an indica-dominant strain that was created by crossbreeding T.M.A.C and Slurricane. We only have information about this flower from Snackbar. According to them, the flavor is swe...

superflower buns n roses review cannabis photos cannibros 7.4 Cooked

Superflower Buns N Roses Review

Superflower Buns N Roses is an indica-dominant flower known for high levels of THC. We tried researching this strain but found very little information about it’s lineage or origins except for wh...

ness sour strawberry kush review cannabis photos cannibros 7.2 Cooked

Ness Sour Strawberry Kush Review

We’re familiar with this LP because of their Lemon Berry strain so today we’re looking at another strain from them. Ness Sour Strawberry Kush is an indica-dominant flower known for high TH...

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