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C3.Farm Centre

C3 Farm Centre, commonly known as C3, is Quebec's premier cannabis center that serves as a hub for various companies in the industry. The center is focused on creating an ecosystem where cultivation, extraction, food transformation, research, and education collaborate to bring innovative ideas and exceptional products to the market.

Located in Vaudreuil-Dorion, C3 is situated in the former Hoffmann-La Roche Complex, a world-class pharmaceutical site strategically positioned at the convergence of the highways from Toronto and Ottawa on their way to Montreal. It is conveniently located within a 20-minute drive from Montreal Trudeau International Airport.

The facility spans 90,000 square feet and is equipped with secure warehouse processing activities. With full perimeter security and gate-controlled entry, C3 ensures the safety and integrity of its operations. The center boasts a large-scale growing operation within the same 90,000 square feet space.

C3 is not just a production facility; it also serves as an educational hub. It features a lobby, meeting rooms, office space, a cafeteria, and an impressive 158-seat auditorium. The infrastructure is designed to scale, with ample mechanical capacity and high-density water delivery capabilities. The expansive 70-acre site allows for the construction of additional purpose-built structures to support various activities.

One of the notable features of C3 is a four-story lab tower, with each floor covering 10,000 square feet, dedicated to research and testing labs. The center is fully interconnected through underground passageways, facilitating seamless collaboration between different departments and organizations. Additionally, C3 provides five stories of 12,000 square feet each, specifically designed for craft growing, ensuring a focus on high-quality cultivation practices.

With its impressive infrastructure, strategic location, and commitment to research, education, and collaboration, C3 Farm Centre is at the forefront of Quebec's cannabis industry, driving innovation and excellence in every aspect of its operations.


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