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Carmel Pharms Corp.

Nestled in the picturesque Oro-Medonte region, Carmel Pharms Corp., affectionately known as Carmel Pharms, is a Licensed Producer committed to pushing the industry standard forward by delivering unparalleled cannabis experiences. With a focus on top-shelf, small batch production and the cultivation of rare genetic varieties, their team seeks to inspire consumers to share their passion for cannabis.

Their journey began long before their Licensed Producer status in 2019—it traces back to 2005 when they grew their first plants and sold their inaugural bag. They represent the coming together of legacy players, a collection of rare genetics, and a shared devotion to putting top-shelf products in the hands of enthusiasts.

Pheno hunting lies at the core of Carmel's culture. Over the years, their team has fostered relationships with premier breeders across North America, collectively amassing 30 years of experience. They rigorously select phenotypes from hundreds that didn't make the cut, considering factors such as terpene profile, potency, yield, and more. However, the ultimate litmus test is simple: if they aren't excited to smoke it, they won't grow it.

Carmel Pharms takes pride in their small batch production approach, utilizing strain-specific lighting and nutrient cycles to optimize plant growth. The buds are hang-dried, not only for their aesthetic appeal as a "living wall," but also for the production of smooth smoke and exceptional flavour. Hand-trimming ensures precision and care, as no machine can replicate the expertise of skilled hands. Their commitment to quality extends to perfect curing, with cold curing in food-grade barrels for a minimum of 14 days, resulting in a perfectly spongy texture and a moisture content of 11-14%. To preserve freshness, they avoid irradiation and nitrogen flushes all their whole flower pouches, providing an invigorating terpene pop upon opening.

Rather than striving to grow the most, they embrace the philosophy of growing the most desired. This principle has shaped their grow team since their days in the grey market and continues to guide every decision they make. They constantly search for the next favourite strain through pheno hunting, pushing the boundaries of cannabis culture by introducing rare genetics that raise the industry's bar.

They stand as a beacon of excellence in the cannabis industry, redefining the standard and delivering exceptional cannabis experiences. With their commitment to rare genetics, small batch production, and a passion that resonates through every plant they cultivate, Carmel Pharms invites you to join them on a journey of unparalleled enjoyment.


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