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CRG Pharma

CRG Pharma, located in the picturesque Fraser Valley of British Columbia, takes a craft approach to growing cannabis, prioritizing quality and consistency. With an expansive 85,000 ft² hybrid greenhouse facility and an acre of licensed outdoor grow nestled along the shores of the Fraser River, CRG Pharma is dedicated to cultivating premium cannabis that reflects their commitment to excellence.

Their harvesting process is meticulously executed, with small batches of cannabis carefully hang dried, hand trimmed, and slowly cold cured in environmentally controlled rooms. This method enhances the maximum quality and consistency of their flowers, ensuring a truly exceptional product with every harvest.

Founded in 2018, CRG Pharma is a proudly Canadian and family-operated cannabis cultivation and processing company. Their Health Canada Standard Cultivation and Processing licenses, coupled with their acre of licensed outdoor grow, showcase their dedication to providing top-tier cannabis products. Situated in the heart of the stunning Fraser Valley, where their plants bask in the sunlight and are nourished by the nearby river, they cultivate cannabis with love and care.

Passion drives their team as they bring over 15 years of experience in both the legacy market and the agricultural industry to their craft. Their mission is to deliver products and solutions to their community that they can be proud of, constantly innovating and surpassing expectations.

As a Canada Health licensed facility, they adhere strictly to all Good Production Practices (GPP) requirements. To ensure the safety and reliability of their products, each one undergoes rigorous testing by independent and certified third-party laboratories. These tests cover potency, pesticides, microbials, and chemical contaminants, including mold, bacteria, and heavy metals. By prioritizing these quality measures, CRG Pharma provides customers with products they can fully trust.

They recognize that cannabis in Canada has always been a community before it became an industry. As a family-operated business, they strive to share their passion for cannabis with communities across the nation, forging connections through their exceptional products.

With their craft approach, commitment to quality, and dedication to their community, CRG Pharma is shaping the cannabis industry by delivering exceptional cannabis experiences that customers can rely on and enjoy.


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