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Delta 9 Bio-Tech

Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc., commonly known as Delta 9 Bio-Tech, is a prominent cannabis producer based in Manitoba, Canada. The company's primary operations, including cultivation, processing, and wholesale activities, are concentrated in their 80,000 square foot facilities in Winnipeg.

Delta 9 Bio-Tech has developed a proprietary cannabis production methodology centered around modular and scalable units called Grow Pods. These Grow Pods are created by retrofitting standard 40-foot high-cube shipping containers, ensuring compliance with Health Canada's security requirements and good production practices. By utilizing Grow Pods, Delta 9 Bio-Tech can establish optimal conditions for large-scale cannabis production while maintaining a higher level of control over the growing environment.

One of the key advantages of the Grow Pod system is its ability to customize the growing environment for each genetic strain of cannabis, maximizing the quality and output of these strains. Additionally, the modular format of the Grow Pods offers cost-effectiveness and attractive returns on investment. It minimizes the risk of contamination or the spread of plant diseases or pests, leading to a reduced likelihood of significant crop loss.

Delta 9 Bio-Tech has obtained Health Canada licenses for 297 Grow Pods, providing them with a projected annual cultivation capacity of 8,325 kilograms of dried cannabis. The company currently produces around 30 different genetic strains of cannabis, each with its own unique chemical cannabinoid content, terpene, and flavonoid profiles. Furthermore, they maintain an additional 40 strains in a seed bank to ensure future product options.

At their Delta Facility, Delta 9 Bio-Tech cultivates, processes, and dries these genetic cannabis strains into whole flower cannabis products. "Whole flower" refers to the unaltered female cannabis plant's bud form, excluding unwanted components such as stalks, stems, and leaves. Whole flower cannabis accounts for approximately 70% of the company's overall product offering.

With its innovative production methods, extensive genetic strain library, and focus on quality, Delta 9 Bio-Tech has established itself as a leading cannabis producer in Canada. The company's commitment to maximizing control over the growing environment and delivering premium cannabis products positions them at the forefront of the industry.


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