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Emblem Cannabis

Emblem Cannabis, often just called Emblem, is a producer dedicated to providing patients with the best medical cannabis experience. They are both a brand and product line created by Aleafia Health, driven by the belief in living one's best life and never taking a moment for granted. The company operates three modern cannabis production facilities designed specifically for medical cannabis production. These facilities include a regulated indoor production site and research and development (R&D) facility in Paris, Ontario, a state-of-the-art automated greenhouse in Grimsby, Niagara, and an outdoor cultivation site in Port Perry. By ensuring uninterrupted supply and adhering to high-quality standards, Emblem strives to meet the needs of their patients with consistent and reliable medical-grade cannabis products.

Their team takes a scientific approach to cultivating high-quality cultivars and concentrates. They understand that it takes more than seeds and soil to create exceptional products. Each plant is carefully monitored for its unique qualities, and during harvest, thorough testing is conducted to determine the natural cannabinoids and terpenes that provide the greatest patient relief. Emblem's cultivation practices prioritize organic solutions to ensure healthy plant growth and maintain the plant's innate powers. Various strategies, such as elevating CO2 levels, are employed to enhance the growth and terpene profiles of the plants. This meticulous approach results in aromatic, flavourful, and effective dried flower, as well as other cannabinoid-based medical products such as cannabis oils.

Emblem offers award-winning service to their patients. They provide quick and easy same-day registration, ensuring a seamless onboarding process. Patients can expect fast shipping across Canada, allowing for convenient access to their desired products. Emblem also offers the AssureHome Delivery service, a secure and direct-to-door delivery option for added convenience. Their Client Care team, available during designated hours, has received accolades for their exceptional support and guidance.

When it comes to product quality, they ensure that patients receive high-quality products that meet their needs. They provide full-spectrum, odourless, and flavour-neutral extracts that are cultivar-specific, delivering a consistent and satisfying experience. Their dried flower products undergo careful cultivation in cultivar-specific environments, following hang drying and hand manicuring processes to maximize terpene levels.

Emblem values affordability and accessibility for their patients. They offer coverage for veterans through Veterans Affairs and provide a Compassionate Pricing Program, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring that medical cannabis is accessible and affordable to those in need.


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