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Entourage Health Corp.

Located in the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario, Entourage Health Corp. is a company that places its people and consumers at the heart of everything it does. With a belief that cannabis is a harmonious blend of art and science, deeply rooted in cultivation and crafted by passionate individuals, Entourage Health is dedicated to building responsible brands and products that cater to the needs of communities, individuals, and the environment.

At Entourage Health, being advocates for patients, consumers, and communities is paramount. They uphold a high standard that prioritizes quality, education, and exceptional experiences for all. Their principles and products are built on the notion that cannabis is not just a commodity but a transformative force, and they strive to deliver on this promise.

Formerly known as WeedMD Inc., they have experienced remarkable growth since its inception in 2013. From its initial public offering to launching the award-winning Color Cannabis brand, acquiring Starseed Medicinal to expand their medical portfolio, and adopting the Saturday Cannabis brand for expanded adult-use, Entourage Health has continuously expanded its reach and offerings. Additionally, they have obtained licenses for Canadian production and distribution of Mary's Medicinals, a renowned brand, and most recently announced the inclusion of Royal City Cannabis Co., a craft cultivation operation and brand, and its parent company CannTx Life Sciences.

Through these advancements and transformations, they have refined its values and vision, culminating in the identity it proudly represents today. They embrace their collective of individuals who embody their surroundings, working together to create a unique synergy that defines Entourage Health.


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Product Reviews

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Color Cannabis Space Cake is an indica-dominant strain created by crossing the popular GSC with Snow Lotus. In terms of aroma and flavour profile, they describe it as a combination of sweet fruit and ...

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Color Cannabis White Shark Review

White Shark (sometimes called Great White Shark or Peacemaker) is a sativa dominant strain that was originally cultivated when Super Skunk #1, South American and South Indian Sativa were crossed toget...

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Color Cannabis Black Sugar Rose Review

Color Cannabis Black Sugar Rose was created by crossing Critical Mass and Black Domina. Color Cannabis describes this cultivar as having high amounts of THC, dark green buds that are densely coated in...

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