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Greenman Acres Inc.

Greenman Acres Inc. seized a unique opportunity when cannabis was legalized in Canada, leveraging their family farm's personal connections to cannabis and a diverse range of skill sets. Inspired by successful cannabis farms in Oregon, Washington, and California, they tailored their approach to suit their southern Ontario location, climate, and terrain. Positioned as an "extra medium" sized cannabis farm, they obtained their standard cultivation license in 2020 and embarked on passionately cultivating their own style of sun-grown craft cannabis.

At Greenman Acres, organic practices supported by legacy experience and strains form the foundation of their outdoor craft cannabis cultivation. Their commitment to cultivating cannabis as nature intended is evident in their avoidance of chemicals and toxins, resulting in a product rich in natural flavour. Each plant receives meticulous care throughout its life cycle, courtesy of their dedicated team, ensuring the production of the highest quality flower in a sustainable manner.

The farm exclusively employs 100% organic inputs, eschewing synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Following harvest, their craft flower undergoes a meticulous process, including hand-plucking, slow drying to achieve the ideal moisture level, and a minimum 21-day slow-curing period. Careful trimming is conducted to ensure the development of flavourful and top-quality products. Finally, the flower is attentively hand-packaged.

Their team opts for outdoor cannabis cultivation because it aligns with the plant's natural growth tendencies. Having been compelled to grow indoors for years, returning cannabis to its outdoor roots results in a less energy-intensive process and allows each plant to benefit from the full spectrum of the sun's rays. To accommodate the colder Canadian climate and relatively short growing season, plants begin their growth indoors, providing 20 weeks of vegetative growth before flowering. This extended growth cycle fosters mature plants and, consequently, mature flowers with robust terpene profiles.

Emphasizing their commitment to purity and the organic form of cannabis, Greenman Acres passionately advocates for organic cultivation. By adopting an organic farming approach, they adopt a holistic perspective that emphasizes stewardship of the land. Nurturing and feeding the living soil, abundant in nutrients, translates into nourishing the plants. Water, inputs, and waste are carefully managed not only to maintain optimal plant health but also to ensure a sustainable future for their family farm.

Greenman Acres boasts a 13-acre field divided into multiple zones, complemented by a 5,500 square foot indoor nursery and a 4,200 square foot greenhouse. Organic principles are reinforced through buffer zones and natural pest management practices. Additionally, they have partnered with the University of Guelph to implement a natural pest management program, marking the first study of its kind in Canada. Leveraging the micro-climate of their Southern Georgian Bay location, they benefit from four additional frost-free weeks for growing. Sustainable irrigation, natural fertilizers, companion planting, and an elevation change of 110 feet on their hillside collectively contribute to the unique flavours found in their products.

Throughout their cultivation process, Greenman Acres adheres to the exclusive use of 100% organic inputs, staunchly avoiding synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. This unwavering commitment to organic practices underscores their dedication to producing high-quality, sustainable cannabis.


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