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HEXO Corp.

HEXO Corp is an award-winning consumer packaged goods cannabis company that specializes in the creation and distribution of innovative products to cater to the global cannabis market. With a strong presence in Canada, HEXO Corp serves both the recreational and medical markets with an extensive brand portfolio that includes HEXO, Redecan, UP Cannabis, Original Stash, and Bake Sale brands.

As one of the largest licensed cannabis companies in Canada, HEXO Corp operates vast facilities spanning millions of square feet in Ontario and Quebec. These state-of-the-art facilities enable the company to cultivate, process, and distribute high-quality cannabis products to meet the growing demand in the market.

Originally established in 2013 as The Hydropothecary Corporation, HEXO Corp was initially focused on meeting the needs of the Canadian medical cannabis market. However, with the advent of the legalized market in 2018, the company underwent a rebranding and emerged as HEXO Corp, positioning itself to serve both the adult-use (recreational) and medical cannabis markets.

With a commitment to innovation and quality, HEXO Corp continues to push the boundaries of the cannabis industry, leveraging its expertise and advanced production capabilities to develop cutting-edge products that deliver exceptional experiences for consumers. By combining their passion for cannabis with a strong dedication to regulatory compliance and consumer safety, HEXO Corp has established itself as a trusted and respected player in the cannabis industry.

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Product Reviews

redecan glueberry og review cannabis photos 8 merry jade 7.7 Cooked 5.9 Buzzed User Avg

Redecan Glueberry OG Review

Redecan Glueberry OG is a well-balanced hybrid strain created by crossing OG Kush, GG, and Blueberry strains. This particular flower is characterized by dominant terpenes such as myrcene, caryophyllen...

redecan warlock review cannabis photos 7 merry jade 7 Cooked

Redecan Warlock Review

Warlock is an award winning indica-dominant strain that was created by crossing the classic strains Skunk #1 and Afghani. Redecan Warlock buds are known for their dense and pepper-shaped appearance, w...

redecan animal rntz review cannabis photos 7 merry jade 7.5 Cooked 9.1 Stoned User Avg

Redecan Animal Rntz Review

Redecan Animal Rntz is an indica-leaning hybrid that was created by crossing Animal CKS with the Rntz strain. This potent flower supposedly contains high levels of caryophyllene, limonene, trans-ocime...

redecan mint chip gelato review cannabis photos 6 merry jade 7.4 Cooked 8.2 Blazed User Avg

Redecan Mint Chip Gelato Review

Redecan Mint Chip Gelato is a balanced hybrid that was created by crossing Green Cookies and Sinmint Cookies. Normally this strain is called Mint Chocolate Chip and is known for having medium mini-pin...

original stash garlic jelly review cannabis photos 7 merry jade 7.5 Cooked 6.6 High User Avg

Original Stash OS.One Garlic Jelly Review

Original Stash OS.One Garlic Jelly is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Jelly Breath and GMO (which is a GSC child that was crossed with Chemdog). Users report the end result is a...

redecan redees cold creek kush pre rolls review photos 4 merry jade 7.5 Cooked 8.8 Blazed User Avg

Redecan Redees+ Cold Creek Kush Pre-Roll Review

Redecan Redees+ Cold Creek Kush are pre-rolled joints that have been infused with THC to increase potency levels. Today we’re reviewing their Cold Creek Kush which is a indica-dominant hybrid cr...

original stash os.hybrid review cannabis photos 5 merry jade 7.3 Cooked 6.7 High User Avg

Original Stash OS.Hybrid Cannabis Review

We’ve been slowly working through Original Stash’s dried flower products and today is the last one. OS.Hybrid features carefully curated hybrid strains that are known for high THC potentia...

original stash os.kush review cannabis photos 5 merry jade 7.5 Cooked 8 Blazed User Avg

Original Stash OS.Kush (Legendary Larry) Review

Original Stash OS.Kush is a rotating selection of Kush flowers including today’s example, the potent Legendary Larry strain. This indica-dominant hybrid was created by crossing Legend OG wi...

original stash os.haze review cannabis photos 5 merry jade 7.3 Cooked 7.9 Cooked User Avg

Original Stash OS.Haze Review (Lemon Haze x Gelato)

Original Stash OS.Haze is a sativa dominant strain that was created by crossing the citrusy Lemon Haze with the delicious Gelato. This product line will feature a selection of different haze strains t...

original stash os one durban poison review cannabis photos 5 merry jade 7.5 Cooked 9 Stoned User Avg

Original Stash OS.ONE Durban Poison Review

Original Stash OS.ONE Durban Poison is a landrace strain that supposedly traces it’s lineage back centuries to the modern port city of Durban. It’s a pure sativa made popular for an uplift...

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