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Kizos Culture

Kizos Culture is an eco-responsible craft cannabis company situated in Bécancour, Québec. Operating on a human-scale, Kizos embraces sustainable practices to cultivate high-quality cannabis while minimizing their ecological footprint. With a deep respect for nature, the company harnesses and optimizes natural resources to produce exceptional cannabis products. The cultivation of certified organic flowers takes center stage. By adhering to rigorous organic standards, the company ensures the production of premium-quality cannabis that is free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

In addition to flowers, they are licensed to manufacture various cannabis 2.0 products, including kief, hash, and solvent-free rosin. These offerings reflect their commitment to providing a diverse range of high-quality cannabis experiences to consumers.

Beyond their focus on product excellence, Kizos is driven by a broader mission. They strive to foster a culture of cannabis that celebrates and promotes organically grown flowers and cannabis 2.0 products. By championing sustainable practices and environmentally conscious cultivation methods, their team aims to contribute to a more sustainable future. They prioritize social and economic benefits for all stakeholders, emphasizing local sourcing, community investments, and initiatives that enhance the overall quality of life.

Kizos Culture is dedicated to creating a positive impact on the cannabis industry, advocating for organic cultivation, environmental conservation, and community empowerment. Through their efforts, they aim to redefine cannabis culture while promoting sustainability and responsible practices in every aspect of their operations.


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