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LyonLeaf Cannabis Inc.

LyonLeaf Cannabis Inc., also known as LyonLeaf, is a cannabis company that stands out for its innovation, care, and passion in the industry. Their dedicated team of employees is committed to closing the gap in patients' needs for standardized medical cannabis. The mission of their team is to elevate the medicinal value of cannabis through data and science, placing patients at the center of their decisions. Their core principles revolve around being patient-centric, scientific, and caring about employee wellness.

Operating from their purpose-built 30,000 square-foot indoor facility in Montreal, Quebec, LyonLeaf ensures that every aspect of their operations is designed with intention and purpose. The facility adheres to EU-GMP guidelines and prioritizes sustainability.

They are committed to environmental responsibility by exclusively using clean hydropower electricity sourced from Quebec. Their facility incorporates free-cooling technology to reduce electricity consumption and employs a heat reclamation system that eliminates the need for natural gas.

Within the facility, LyonLeaf has nine standardized flowering rooms designed for optimal space utilization and experimentation. Each room is equipped with dedicated air handling units to maintain precise environmental control and prevent cross-contamination. Advanced equipment systems enable precise control over the environment and fertigation, ensuring consistent product quality across batches.They also developed a proprietary ERP system that integrates all operations, facilitating efficient facility management and data-driven continuous improvement.

With their focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, LyonLeaf Cannabis Inc. is dedicated to providing ultra-premium cannabis products to B2B clients while advancing the understanding and application of cannabis in the medical field.


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