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Motif Labs Ltd.

Motif Labs Ltd. is a leading extraction company that prioritizes producing the highest quality cannabis formulations on the market. Founded by a team of experts, Motif is dedicated to revolutionizing the extraction process and delivering exceptional products.

To achieve their vision, Motif's team extensively researched and learned from industry leaders in extraction. They have assessed top equipment vendors, consulted with experts, and travelled abroad to perfect their extraction methodologies. The result is a proven and efficient extraction process that sets them apart.

Motif sees itself as a partner to licensed producers (LPs) and brands, working closely with them to ensure smooth product launches. They have developed a process that guarantees high efficiency, potency, and consistency. Whether it's working with LPs, hemp cultivators, or established brands, Motif Labs is committed to collaborating with their clients to achieve their product goals.

Their unique process has been honed over several years, through strategic partnerships and a talented internal team of scientists and engineers. Motif takes pride in providing customized, high-quality products with pure ingredients. Their technology empowers clients to unlock the full potential of their crops.

Quality and efficacy are paramount to Motif Labs. They employ a comprehensive sampling and testing protocol for all incoming cannabis and non-cannabis materials. Additionally, they prioritize maximum cannabinoid retention and finished product purity, minimizing loss and degradation throughout the extraction process.

Motif Labs utilizes advanced technology sourced from established industries, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve. With decades of extraction research and development supporting them, they specialize in CO2-based technologies that maintain the integrity of the plant while offering flexibility and efficiency.

Motif Labs is dedicated to pushing boundaries in extraction, providing top-quality products, and offering unmatched expertise in the industry.


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