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Palm Gardens Ltd.

Palm Gardens Ltd, located in Edmonton, Alberta, is a cannabis producer dedicated to cultivating the finest cannabis with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. They adhere to core values centered around the art of growing and maintaining exceptional products.

At Palm Gardens, their cultivators take pride in delicately handling and preserving their flowers. The entire process, from sorting to packaging, is done by hand without the use of automated equipment. Each pre-roll is filled with finely ground whole buds, and every package undergoes thorough visual inspection. To ensure the preservation of cannabinoids and terpenes at optimal moisture levels, Palm Gardens utilizes Mylar pouch packaging, which provides an airtight seal.

The pursuit of genetic potential is a priority for Palm Gardens. They engage in rigorous strain selections and pheno hunting, while maintaining precise environmental control and feeding regimens. The quality of their cannabis is enhanced through a meticulous whole plant hang drying process, followed by expert curing to the highest standards.

Palm Gardens operates with a soil-based medium in their facility and employs perpetual growing harvest cycles, ensuring a consistent supply of sophisticated cannabis products. Their small batch production scale enables their skilled growers to have precise control over every aspect of the plants, allowing them to meticulously inspect and care for each leaf.

A unique aspect of Palm Gardens is their commitment to packaging. The products are carefully packaged on-site by the same individuals who participated in the growing process. This ensures that the cannabis has been loved and cared for since its inception, providing customers with a product that reflects the dedication and passion of the Palm Gardens team.


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Introducing Palm Gardens Typhoon Berries, a sativa-dominant hybrid that promises an exceptional experience with its potent mix of Zkittles and Slurricane strains. This strain boasts plump, sticky buds...

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