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United Greeneries

United Greeneries is a dynamic team of horticulturalists, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about cannabis. Located in the heart of British Columbia, a province with a rich history in cannabis cultivation, they are proud contributors to the new era of cannabis in Canada. Drawing inspiration from their roots, they embody the legacy of BC's cannabis culture.

With a commitment to excellence, United Greeneries brings together a diverse group of professionals who are both teachers and students of the cannabis industry. Their cultivation team consists of experts whose combined knowledge and expertise ensure that each bud is meticulously grown and crafted to perfection, delivering a consistent and premium flower experience.

United Greeneries also operates several brands that showcase their dedication to innovation and quality. Among them, 18twelve is a brand where art and science converge to create something truly exceptional. It's like experiencing a captivating movie or savoring a delightful meal—a perfect blend of technique and imagination that leaves you wanting more. Whether you seek inspiration, relaxation, or creative energy, 18twelve offers a range of products to suit your desired experience.

Another brand under United Greeneries is Captain's Choice, which pays homage to the spirit of Captain George Vancouver and the captivating allure of the island. Their unique milled and blended product is carefully crafted to provide exceptional taste and great value. Captain's Choice is designed to enhance your cannabis journey and make each moment memorable.

Royal Co., another notable brand from United Greeneries, caters to the discerning customer seeking premium cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts. With a focus on delivering inspired and elevated experiences, Royal Co. offers a range of formulations, including THC-dominant, CBD-dominant, and blended options. Embrace a life well lived with Royal Co. and discover the artistry and quality that define their products.

United Greeneries is at the forefront of the cannabis industry, combining passion, expertise, and innovation to deliver nature's finest cannabis. Join them on their journey as they shape the future of cannabis cultivation and continue to exceed expectations with their exceptional brands and products.


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We love Kush strains and 18Twelve 8 Ball Kush has been on our radar the last month. 18Twelve is a west coast grower with a purpose-built indoor facility. Their website claims that every plant is flush...

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