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Western Extraction Ltd.

Western Extraction, a specialized cannabis processing company, is situated in the scenic locale of Lantzville, BC. With a comprehensive understanding of the Canadian legal cannabis landscape, the company provides essential support to ensure that its clients' high-quality cannabis products make a seamless journey from cultivation to market.

Comprising a team of seasoned professionals with a broad spectrum of expertise spanning cultivation, business management, cannabis industry insights, and laboratory quality assurance and analytics, Western Extraction leverages this collective knowledge to offer expert guidance to their clients.

The company operates from a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with ISO 7 rated clean rooms and full GPP compliant production rooms. They have implemented meticulous safety measures such as air shower protected worker entrances and airlock material pass-throughs to ensure the utmost quality control during all production and packaging processes.

Additionally, Western Extraction extends its support to clients by offering direct sales to qualified clients through their legal online medical sales portal, Alterna Pharma. This serves as a reliable backup strategy to counteract the variable demand from Provincial distribution channels.

Beyond these services, Western Extraction assists clients in registering Notice of New Cannabis Product (NNCPs) efficiently. This helps ensure that their clients' new products are registered, approved, and ready for sale without any unnecessary delay.

Western Extraction is not just a processing company but a team of individuals who truly understand and respect the cannabis culture. The team appreciates the hard work, dedication, and passion that goes into growing quality flower. With all necessary licenses, comprehensive on-site quality assurance, established SOPs, recall procedures, and insurance, Western Extraction stands prepared to safeguard their clients' investments and to help optimize their profits in the ever-evolving cannabis market.


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