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Lid Lube Hemp Seed Oil Review & Stash Bag

Lid Lube is a Canadian hemp seed oil used to naturally lubricate hinges and fix stuck grinder lids.

The Lid Lube Hemp Seed Oil & Stash Bag Combo offers more then just a container of hemp oil lubricate.

This unit provide all the basics required by smokers including a secure case to organize all your accessories and keep them in a safe place. But you get more then just a case, the combo pack includes:

  • Smell proof, Water-Resistant and Lockable Stash Bag
  • Grinder Lubricant – Natural Hemp Lube
  • Black Silicone Coated Aluminium Alloy Grinder
  • Eco Friendly Vinyl Sticker

We’re curious how this compares to The Very Happy Kit we reviewed last week.

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Lid Lube’s stash bag is made from a smell proof, water-resistant fabric. For security it has a simple combination lock that can be set anytime. There is a front-facing zipped mesh pocket, an inner zipped mesh pocket and also additional pockets which gives you plenty of room to store you accessories.

The stash bag has overall dimensions of L x W x H : 24cm x 17cm x 10cm / 9in x 6.5in x 3.5in.

Lid Lube’s 4-chamber herb grinder is made from quality aluminium and feels well made and durable, of note it’s also coated in silicone to add more protection. There is a little plastic kief scraper included too and the grinder’s overall diameter is 6cm (2.4in).

Also included was a pack of 1 1/4 classic RAW rolling papers and Blueberry Bomb Hemp Blunt Wraps which is made from natural toasted hemp. We’ll be putting these to good use soon.

The inclusion of a simple red Clipper Refillable Lighter ensures you’ve always got a lighter.

Most importantly, we got 3 bottles of Lid Lube which is 100% cold-pressed and filtered hemp oil. The bottles contain 35 fl oz (10ml) and from what we’ve read, this fluid should do an amazing job getting older hand grinders twisting smoothly again.

lid lube travel kit review photos 2 merryjade


The stash bag is handy and straight forward to use. We’ve seen this multi-compartmental stash kit elsewhere with a different brand on it, however this one is just as nice. Having the zipper mesh is helpful as is the divider and being able to adjust the interior compartments was is a nice touch. The best part is its smell proof and water resistant capability.

The 4-piece herb grinder is a favourite style of ours since it reminds us of our workhorse the Kannastor grinder. It feels just as heavy and durable plus has a silicone coating. They surprised us with a little plastic kief scraper – neat idea though given it’s size, it’s more fun than practical.

The Clipper refillable lighter is a good backup light to have in a pinch. It uses the standard refillable nosable on the underside.

The Lid Lube hemp oil is super easy to use and very effective. It smells a little like plain vegetable oil and you only need a couple of drops to make sticky grinders slide smoothly again. I expect the bottles that came with the pack will last many months if not years.

lid lube travel kit review photos 3 merryjade


This kit definitely has a lot of value especially if you don’t already have a good grinder or storage kit.

If you do, then you might want to just grab a few of the containers of the lube as it completely eliminated the squeaking sounds from my grinder with just a few drops. We can say it definitely works as advertised.

If you’re looking for a natural hemp based lubricate for either your grinder or other purposes, then Lid Lube is the company to check out.

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Lid Lube' Hemp Oil Stash Bag is a smokers kits that includes a smell-proof case, hand grinder, Lid Lube, rolling papers and a lighter. It contains a lot of value especially if you don't already have these items. If you do, then you might want to just grab a few of the containers of the lube as it worked incredibly well to eliminate the squeaking sounds from my grinder with just a few drops. So if you're looking for a natural hemp based lubricate for either your grinder or for something unrelated to cannabis then Lid Lube is worth checking.
  • Very effective lubricant that lasts
  • Price ($10 for 10 ml)
  • Can be applied to multiple surfaces
  • Has a mild oily aroma
  • Not available in larger quantities
  • Lock on case feels a bit cheap
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