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Liiv THC Bomb Review

Prepare to be captivated as we dive into the world of Liiv's THC Bomb. This enigmatic 50/50 hybrid strain, with its undisclosed lineage and a potent THC content of 21.2%, holds the promise of a balanced high and an intriguing experience. Join us as we unravel the secrets behind this captivating strain, exploring its effects, flavour, and overall value.

Today, we delve into Liiv THC Bomb, a 50/50 hybrid strain with a somewhat mysterious lineage. While the exact parent strains remain unclear, we do know that it possesses some undisclosed Skunk genetics.

According to the information provided, THC Bomb promises an impressive display of frosty trichomes. It boasts a delightful combination of skunky, woodsy, and earthy forest fruit aromas, with subtle hints of floral fermented fruits. We were intrigued by these enticing descriptions and couldn’t wait to experience it firsthand. These dense nugs are suppose to be easily recognizable by their bright orange pistils and the generous coating of frosty trichomes that give them a captivating texture.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see how it compares to Liiv’s Something About Larry. Join us on this sensory journey as we explore its scent, appearance, taste, and the overall effects it delivers.

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Upon opening the bag, we were greeted by a moderately strong earthy citrus scent. However, unlike the sweet citrus often associated with many limonene strains, this aroma leaned more towards the zesty or sour side of things. The citrus presence was evident but not overpowering, playing a secondary role to the dominant earthy and herbal fragrance.

The herbal notes added a touch of complexity, further enhancing the experience. While the scent was pleasant and inviting, it didn’t leave a lasting impression. The combination of earthy and citrus elements created a unique blend that may appeal to those seeking a slightly sour and grounded aroma. It also reminded us a little of the Ultra Sour strain. However, for individuals looking for a more pronounced citrus profile, the secondary nature of this scent might leave them yearning for a more dominant presence.


The flower arrived securely packaged in a medium-sized blue bag, prominently displaying essential information on the front label such as the strain, brand name, dominant terpenes, flavour profile, THC and CBD levels, package date, lot number, and grower contact information. The reverse side of the bag was left blank, offering no additional visual or textual information.

Upon inspecting the buds, we noticed that despite including a Boveda humidity pack, they were quite dry. The dryness was evident upon touch and almost certainly will affect the smoking experience. It would have been ideal if the buds retained more moisture to preserve their freshness.

The buds were dense and popcorn-sized, exhibiting a combination of both dark and light greens. The pistils, the tiny hairs on the buds, displayed a medium orange hue, contrasting nicely against the green background. The trichome layer, responsible for the frosty texture, appeared to be of medium thickness, hopefully this means a decent concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.

While the trim job was executed competently, it fell short of achieving excellence. There were minimal stray leaves or excessive stems, contributing to an overall neat appearance. However, when compared to Liiv’s Greatest Apex strain, which we reviewed recently, the visual appeal of THC Bomb didn’t quite reach the same level.


With our joint rolled and ready, we embarked on our session with the expectation this flower would not possess a particularly strong flavour profile… and our assumption proved to be fairly accurate.

Upon taking our first inhale, the taste revealed a dominant presence of earthy and herbal elements. The earthiness took the forefront, delivering a robust and grounded flavour that was more pronounced than any citrus notes. While the scent hinted at a subtle citrus undertone, it didn’t translate strongly into the flavour experience.

The smoke itself was not overly harsh. However, it was apparent the flower had dried out considerably, as the smoke could have been even smoother had the buds retained more moisture. The dryness may have contributed to a slightly rougher smoking experience than desired.


Our bag was part of lot number 8974D1 with a package date of December 15, 2022. It boasted THC content of 21.2% and was priced at $99.88 for 28 grams, we found this to be a fair deal considering both the quality and quantity.

The high was physically relaxing without leaving us feeling excessively tired or burned out. It struck a balance between calming the body and mind without causing extreme sedation. However, it is worth noting that this strain may not be the most suitable for daytime use, as it may hinder productivity and focus. If you’re seeking a hybrid strain that delivers a strong high without overwhelming intensity, while also providing a budget-friendly option, Liiv’s THC Bomb might be worth considering.

It is important to mention that THC Bomb’s taste and aroma can be considered somewhat generic and lacking in sweetness. If you prefer strains with distinct and pronounced flavours, this particular strain might not be the best fit for your preferences. Additionally, the dryness of the flower can be a concern for some consumers, as it affects the overall smoking experience.

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Liiv's THC Bomb is a balanced hybrid strain with an unclear lineage. Although its genetic background remains mysterious, it offers a balanced high that combines gentle physical relaxation without inducing excessive tiredness. With a THC content of 21.2% and a price tag of $99.88 for 28 grams, it offers a reasonable deal in terms of both quality and quantity. However the flavour and aroma are somewhat generic, lacking sweetness. Plus the dryness of the flower may also impact the smoking experience. Overall, if you're seeking a 50/50 hybrid that strikes a balance between effects and affordability, this flower could be worth exploring.
  • Balanced high with gentle physical relaxation
  • Reasonable price for quality and quantity
  • Provides a strong high without excessive sedation
  • Generic flavour and aroma, lacking sweetness
  • Dryness of the flower affects smoking experience
  • Limited information on lineage and genetics
Smell - 7.2
Appearance - 7.5
Flavour - 7
Experience - 7.6
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