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MSIKU Nova Glue Review

MSIKU's Nova Glue is an indica-dominant cultivar described as having bright green sticky buds with a very strong physical high.

MSIKU Nova Glue is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created in a three-way cross that includes GG4, Cookies and Sour Diesel.

From what we can tell, users report the aroma and flavour profile to have a refreshing citrus peel with a subtle undertone of cloves or hops. The buds themselves are described as being olive green, sticky and coated in a moderate layer of frosty trichomes. Nova Glue was a Top 15 High THC strains for 2020 and given it regularly tops out over with a THC percentage over 24. MSIKU hang-dries and hand-trims their plants to preserve the aroma and flavours.

We’re curious how this compares to other sticky strains like Ogen’s Early Glue or Monkey Glue from Good Supply.

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The product arrived from MSIKU in an industry standard black plastic container with security lid. We cracked off the top and didn’t actually smell much at first. However after a few moments we noticed a light and pleasant pine aroma with an herbally undertone.


We dumped out the contents and were pleased to see that MSIKU had included a humidity shield. The buds themselves were quite small and shaggy looking, however the majority felt dense when we picked them up. The biggest compliant would probably be the trim job (similar to MSIKU’s Gelatti) which is interesting because this brand advertises how they hang drying and hand trimming this flower.


In terms of flavour profile, we felt the taste was quite a bit different then the aroma. On inhale there’s definitely a pine-ish herbal however this morphs into earthy taste fairly quickly. We felt the flavour was strong at the start of the session but began to disappear midway through.


Listed with 24.0% THC content and a price tag of $39.94 for 3.5 grams, we found Nova Glue from MSIKU delivers a memorable experience but at price some users may not appreciate. The high felt very clear mentally but at the same time hit hard physically. You might experience some couch-lock with heavy eyes and the exhausted body feeling which makes this strain great for evening or when you don’t have anything important to do. As nice as this sounds we actually preferred MSIKU’s Apex strain more as the appearance and smell negatively affected Nova Glue’s score.

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Nova Glue from MSIKU is an indica-leaning hybrid with floral and pine aroma and sticky bright green nugs. Listed with 24.0% THC content and a price of $39.94 for 3.5 grams, we found it delivered a memorable experience but the price may be too high for some users. The mental aspect of the buzz felt very clear but the physical side hit much harder. You might experience that couch-lock sensation with heavy eyes and the exhausted body feeling which means this product would be ideal for evenings or when you're looking to relax. However the appearance and smell both were disappointing and pulled Nova Glue's overall score down.
  • Humidity shield included
  • Available in multiple quantities
  • Sticky buds with thick trichome layer
  • Price point ($39.94 for 3.5 grams)
  • Buds were shaggy and leafy
  • Mild aroma compared to flavour
Smell - 7
Appearance - 6.7
Flavour - 7.3
Experience - 7.6
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