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Muskoka Grown Muskoka Kush Review

Muskoka Kush is a strong indica-dominant flower from Muskoka Grown that features a kushy smell and dense buds.

Muskoka Grown Muskoka Kush is described as a “Classic Kush” strain with a sweet and gassy flavour.

Unfortunately neither the lineage or plant genetics were shared so aside from knowing it’s part of the kush family and indica-dominant, we have limited information. Users compare it’s strong aroma to earthy citrus and gassy diesel with a subtle spice. Muskoka Grown indicates the buds are dense, resin-covered, dark leaves with purple tips and dark orange coloured hairs.

We want to know how this compares to other classics like Sour Kush or the delicious LA Kush Cake.

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The product arrived from Muskoka Grown is a medium sized black plastic bag with resealable zipper opening. We tore into the package, inhaled deeply and detected a moderately strong musky earth aroma with subtle hint of diesel at the end. Smells unmistakably like a kush strain.


Muskoka Grown did not include a humidity shield inside the bag which resulted in the flower drying out and becoming quite hard. The buds were small to medium in size, very dense and hard, dark green leaves with plenty of purples specks, orange hairs and a nice thick layer of sugary looking trichomes. The dark colouration reminded us of Muskoka Grown’s Pink Vanilla OG, another indica with plenty of dark purple specks.


In terms of the flavour profile, many kush strains tend to have a distinct earthy musk element when it comes to their aromas or flavours and this one certainly is no exception. After rolling up a joint and inhaling we were able to recognize an earthy musk that was the primary but this was expanded on exhale to include a hint of citrus and diesel.


Our bag was part of lot number 0482201 which was packaged on February 17, 2022. Listed with 20.1% THC content and a price tag of $79.95 for 14 grams, we found Muskoka Kush from Muskoka Grown delivered a moderately strong indica high. After smoking we felt physically relaxed with mental capacity slowing down just a tad (reaction time decreases). This flower would be a good way to end the day but probably not ideal to start. Also it was a little expensive but about the same quality as Muskoka Grown’s Fruit Pie.

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Muskoka Grown's Muskoka Kush is an indica-dominant cultivar with an aroma and flavour similar to earthy citrus with hints of gassy diesel. Listed with 20.1% THC and a price of $79.95 for 14 grams, we found it produced a moderately strong high. We felt physically relaxed with our mental capacity slowing down just a tad like when you feel your reaction time slip. Good flower to end the day but probably not ideal to start.
  • Dense and frosty buds
  • Purple accenting on leaves
  • Very kushy aroma and flavour
  • Price point ($79.95 for 14g)
  • Flower was dry and hard
  • Excess stem left on some buds
Smell - 7.5
Appearance - 8.2
Flavour - 7.4
Experience - 7
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