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Organnicraft Nitro Cookies Review

Organnicraft's Nitro Cookies was created by crossing Animal Cookies with Gasmask and is known for having a high percentage of THC and 2-4% terpenes.

Organnicraft Nitro Cookies is a potent hybrid strain that was created by crossbreeding the pungent Gasmask with the visually beauty of Animal Cookies.

Organnicraft describes it as having a powerful smell that is complemented with dark green buds with purple specks and a thick layer of frosty white trichomes. This strain has high amounts of THC and a terpene profile that includes myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene which definitely would make this flower one for the more experienced user. In terms of cultivation, they grow in small batches using high-quality, salt-based nutrients.

So how does Nitro Cookies from Organnicraft compare to products like Loud Plug’s Exotic Gas strain?

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This was our first time reviewing a product from Organnicraft so we have no clue what to expect. The batch of Nitro Cookies arrived in a medium sized creamy light olive bag with zipper seal. We ripped open the bag and expected to get hit with a smell similar to Gasmask but that was not really the case. Right off the bat, we had trouble identifying the primary aroma because the overall smell was weak and fading. If you really concentrate then a mild gas smell can be detected but the earthy stale bread crust was a more prominent smell.


Organnicraft definitely made up some of those lost smell points with how delicious the product looks. Dumping out the contents was a great lesson about not judging a strain by its smell alone. These very picturesque buds of varying size were well trimmed, bright green and healthy looking with solid orange hairs well spaced throughout and heavy coating of trichomes.


Luckily the taste of Organnicraft’s Nitro Cookies had a bit more punch then its smell. At the start of the session and on the first couple of inhales there was definitely a strong hoppy gassy flavour that’s almost overpowers until it quickly fades to a much softer and sweeter floral note. The flavour produced mixed reactions here, so I think some will enjoy what it offer while others are going to prefer a smoother smoke.


We were really mixed about this one. Organnicraft’s Nitro Cookies is listed as having 27.31% THC which was surprising because we did not find the bud to be very strong. It delivered a peaceful mental high of moderate strength with a strong body relaxation vibe. Much like the flavour, we had some mixed feedback about the overall high. Depending on your THC tolerance you may enjoy this one, but you also might find it surprisingly weak if you’re expecting a hybrid that will couch-lock you.

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Organnicraft's Nitro Cookies is a strong hybrid that delivered a peaceful mental high of moderate strength with a strong body relaxation vibe. However we found it produced mixed results so depending on your THC tolerance you might find this one a bit weak if you're expecting to get couch-locked.
  • Beautiful bright and frosty buds
  • Peaceful moderately strong high
  • Tolerable flavour
  • Expected a much more potent smell
  • No moisture pack
  • Not available in larger quantities
Smell - 6.7
Appearance - 8.6
Flavour - 7.9
Experience - 7.4
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