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Parcel Sweet Notes Sundae Driver Review

Unlocking a harmonious blend of potency and affordability, Sweet Notes is turning heads. With its intriguing lineage and standout characteristics, it promises an experience many wouldn't expect from its price tag. Curious about what makes this strain stand out in a saturated market? Dive into our comprehensive review and discover why it's becoming the talk of the town.

Parcel Sweet Notes is their take on the renowned hybrid, Sundae Driver. This balanced strain, with an even 50-50 indica to sativa split, originates from a cross between the flavourful FPOG and Grape Pie.

This one is characterized by three common terpenes: caryophyllene, terpinolene, and myrcene. Together, they combine to deliver a candy-like sweetness that leans towards the fruity side of things. It will be interesting to compare this with Back Forty’s FPOG or Ritual’s Grape Cream Cake to see if we like it more or less.

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As we opened the bag, an intriguing aroma immediately filled the air. The name “Sweet Notes” might imply a singular dessert-like sweetness, yet there’s complexity here. Prominent notes of gas and chemicals emerge first, not what one might anticipate from something dessert-inspired. However, these are gracefully complemented by a delicate undertone of sweet earthiness, creating a harmonious blend. This multi-layered scent is surprisingly potent, showcasing its depth without being overwhelmingly sweet. However not everyone in our group liked the aroma so this one might not appeal to all users.


The flower was packaged in a white, medium-sized bag, equipped with a convenient resealable zipper to maintain freshness. On the front, the label was detailed, showcasing the brand, strain name, cannabinoids, lot number, and packaging date. Additionally, there’s some details about the producer, Auxly Ottawa, with their contact details. Interestingly, the reverse side remains minimalist, featuring only a helpful graphic illustrating the proper way to open the bag, ensuring the zipper remains intact.

Aesthetically, the buds truly stand out. Beneath a meticulous trim, a dense layer of shimmering trichomes is visible, indicative of potency and maturity. Contrasting against the deep green, the pistils display a vibrant reddish-orange hue, adding to the flower’s visual appeal. The generously sized nugs are not only eye-catching but also a testament to quality cultivation. Given the competitive pricing paired with the reasonable quantity, this one definitely stands out especially when compared with some of the subpar alternatives present in the market.


Lighting up a joint, it’s evident that the taste mirrors the flower’s distinct aroma. Though slightly subdued in comparison, the flavour was unmistakably present. One can anticipate a delightful mix on the palate: a foundation of earthy sweetness is punctuated by a more pronounced chemical undertone. This taste ensemble ensures a harmonious sensory experience that is also quite smooth, expertly mirroring and complimenting the bud’s aromatic nuances.


Our bag of Sweet Notes (Sundae Driver) from Parcel was part of lot number 23PSN11 and was packaged on July 7, 2023. Listed with a respectable THC level of 23.07% and priced at $49.95 for 14 grams (or $16.95 for 3.5 grams), we thought this one delivered outstanding value for the cost.

The flower’s promise doesn’t stop at its visual allure or fragrance. Smoking it reveals a memorable experience: the high fluctuates from a comfortable medium to an invigorating medium-high intensity. Reflecting its balanced indica-sativa lineage, the resultant high achieves equilibrium. There’s relaxation without lethargy and alertness without edginess – making it an ideal choice for day-time usage. Moreover, those looking to stretch their premium strains will find Sweet Notes an astute complement, enhancing longevity without sacrificing the overall quality.

From a value perspective, Sweet Notes is a game-changer in the realm of affordable cannabis. Priced attractively at under $50 for a half ounce, it speaks volumes about Parcel’s dedication to merge quality with affordability. While there’s always room for refinement in any product, any imperfections here seem trivial against the backdrop of overwhelming value.

In short, Parcel deserves some recognition for this one. Sweet Notes not only offers affordability but does so without cutting corners on quality. It’s a testament that, one can indeed savour a lovely experience without the hefty price tag.

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Parcel's Sweet Notes (Sundae Driver), a balanced indica-sativa blend, originates from a lineage that combines the best of FPOG and Grape Pie. With its notable THC content of 23.07% and an attractively priced $49.95 for 14 grams, it showcases Parcel's dedication to providing exceptional quality without the premium price tag. Beyond its lineage and affordability, the flower impresses with its distinctive aroma, flavour, and invigorating yet balanced high, making it a commendable choice for both connoisseurs and budget-conscious users.
  • Balanced indica-sativa blend
  • Invigorating yet balanced high
  • Attractively priced at $49.95 for 14 grams
  • Aroma might not suit all users
  • Effect may vary between individuals
  • No humidity shield in bag
Smell - 7.7
Appearance - 8.3
Flavour - 7.5
Experience - 8.5
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