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Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size Rolling Papers Review

Pure Hemp Unbleached King Rolling Papers are 44mm wide making them ideal for crafting the perfect bat.

Last week we started our rolling paper review series because there are so many brands, sizes and types currently available.

Today we’re looking at Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size Rolling Papers. This brown rolling paper is large making it a great option for spinning thick joints which are ideal for epic sessions with multiple people. We’re curious how this unbleached version compares to Pure Hemp’s Classic Rolling Papers.

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As mentioned in a different Pure Hemp review, I remember this brand being around since high school but for some reason we thought the paper was thick or low quality. However as we review now, I’m a little surprised at the thinness and quality of their paper. Either the product has improved over the years or we were clueless teenagers… I’m leaning towards the later.

These 44mm wide king size rolling papers are unbleached meaning they’re brown instead of white. They look like the RAW brand except the paper might be just a tad thicker. According to Pure Hemp’s website they use thin 13 GSM watermarked hemp rolling paper to make this product.

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The question is really – do these King Size rolling papers from Pure Hemp make your rolling experience easier or harder when compared to other papers?

If you compare King Size to 1 1/4″ or Regular Size then I think using King is a little easier since more paper makes rolling a little simpler. When I learned how to roll I remember extra paper helping a lot so it really comes down to personal preference and what type of roller you are.

If you’re new or just like spinning large joints then you’ll think these papers are fine.

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Pure Hemp sells these Unbleached King Size rolling papers on their website for $62 (USD) per box which contains 50 booklets and 33 leaves inside each.

The overall value really comes down to you and the types of joints you roll most often. If you smoke with larger groups of people or love massive J’s then you’ll be right at home with these papers. However if you’re more interested in smaller personal sized joints then you’ll likely prefer something smaller like Pure Hemp’s 1 1/4″ or even Standard.

Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size Rolling Papers are 44mm wide and made from 13 GSM watermarked hemp. They provide the ability to spin massive joints which is perfect for large sessions with friends, however the paper does feel a little thicker then other brands and depending on where you live you might have trouble finding this product locally so you might have to order online.
  • Unbleached hemp paper
  • Very large size (44mm wide)
  • Easier to use compared to smaller size papers
  • $62 per box of 50 booklets
  • Feels a bit thicker than competitors
  • Might not be available locally (order online)
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