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Pure Laine Cannabis Big Pleasures (Chemdawg) Review

Get ready to indulge in some "Big Pleasures"! No, we're not talking about a guilty pleasure TV show or a decadent dessert. We're diving into the world of cannabis with Pure Laine's hybrid strain, affectionately known as Big Pleasures. This mysterious and intriguing Chemdawg variant promises an adventure for your senses, offering a journey through cultivars, aromas, and flavours all neatly packaged in Quebec.

Pure Laine Cannabis Big Pleasures is a hybrid strain known as Chemdawg, which boasts a mysterious lineage believed to originate from a bag seed found in Northern California.

During our search for information, we encountered limited details about this brand, except for its connection to the licensed producer ROSE LifeScience, who is also responsible for Tam Tams. Pure Laine aims to provide a diverse range of cultivars, allowing each batch of Big Pleasures to offer a unique exploration of aromas and flavours. Let’s see how this compares to Tweed’s Chemdawg or Edison’s Chemdog.

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The smell of Big Pleasures was quite generic, lacking distinct or memorable notes. The dominant scent was a dry herbal aroma, which had a medium strength. However, it didn’t possess any enticing or captivating qualities. The smell was reminiscent of lower quality flower, lacking the unique and intriguing aromas often associated with premium cannabis strains.


The product arrived in a securely packaged black resealable bag, which is a standard in the industry. However, we were disappointed to find that it lacked a humidity shield, resulting in the flower being dry. Despite this setback, the front label immediately grabbed our attention with its clear presentation of important details, including the brand name, product name, and flower type. Additionally, it provided information about the cannabinoids, which was helpful for consumers. On the back label, we found some basic information about the licensed producer.

Examining the buds, we noticed that they were small to medium in size and reasonably well-trimmed. The leaves showcased a mixture of light and dark greens, with slight hints of yellow. The buds were covered with vibrant orange pistils and a moderate layer of trichomes, giving them a visually appealing appearance. However, it’s important to note that the dryness of the flower had an impact on its overall smell and flavour, which were unfortunately compromised.


When it came to flavour, Big Pleasures unfortunately fell short. The strain had an almost non-existent taste, mirroring the lackluster aroma. It showcased a very generic grassy and herbal taste, without any notable or distinctive characteristics. Furthermore, the smoking experience was harsh, causing us to cough frequently during our session.

The dryness of the flower likely contributed to the loss of flavour, and the absence of a humidity pack in the packaging didn’t help in maintaining the desired moisture level. As a result, most smokers are likely to find the taste below average, lacking the chemmy or memorable qualities that can enhance the enjoyment.


Our bag can be traced back to lot number (L) 202306-5308, indicating it was packaged on June 15, 2023. Priced at $99.95 for 28 grams, it offers a significant quantity for the price. With a notable THC percentage of 27.4%, this product holds appeal for enthusiasts of diesel strains who seek a potent experience.

Regarding the high, it’s important to note that despite the THC percentage, the effects were not as strong as one might anticipate. Instead, it delivered a moderately strong high characterized by a physically relaxing sensation and a slight mental haze. However, it’s worth mentioning that the effects dissipated rather quickly, which suggests that users with a higher tolerance level may need to consume more, despite the strain boasting elevated levels of THC.

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Big Pleasures from Pure Laine is a hybrid strain (Chemdawg) with THC content of 27.4% and priced at $99.95 for 28 grams. The well-trimmed buds with vibrant orange pistils and the presence of abundant trichomes enhance its visual appeal. However, the dryness of the flower negatively impacts the taste and overall experience, while the smoke can be harsh, leading to frequent coughing. The flavour profile is generic, lacking distinct or memorable notes. Additionally, the effects dissipate quickly, requiring higher consumption for users with a higher tolerance level.
  • Affordable price for a generous quantity
  • Well-trimmed buds and vibrant orange pistils
  • Trichome layer enhance the visual appeal
  • Dry flower affected taste and overall experience
  • Harsh smoke caused frequent coughing during consumption.
  • Generic flavour profile lacking distinct or memorable notes
Smell - 6.4
Appearance - 7.6
Flavour - 5.9
Experience - 6.8
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