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Pure Sunfarms Area 51 Review

Ever ventured into the unknown, only to discover a gem? Dive into our review of 'Area 51', a cannabis strain as mysterious as its namesake. Will it teleport you to new dimensions or ground you in earthly delight? Unravel the enigma with us!

Pure Sunfarms Area 51 is a balanced hybrid with an elusive lineage. While its full ancestry remains a mystery, they did confirm MAC 1 as one of its parent strains, known for its aromatic blend of fresh herbs, black pepper, and gas. This invigorating blend can be credited to dominant terpenes such as limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene. From what we could learn ahead of time the buds are tightly packed and highlighted by deep purple tips with glazed sugary trichomes.

It’ll be intriguing to see how it stacks up against other MAC strains, like TGOD’s Gold Butter MAC or Snackbar’s Macslurry.

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Upon opening Pure Sunfarms’ green pouch, we detected the first scent that hits as a light touch of citrus. However, this quickly gives way to the stronger, hearty smell of rye bread crust. And just when you think you’ve got a handle on it, a subtle floral note sneaks in, adding an unexpected twist. The combination makes for a unique and captivating aroma that invites you to take another sniff.


The flower arrived in smaller forest green plastic bag with resealable opening. The front label clearly displays the brand name, strain type, and both THC and CBD content. On the back, you’ll find details about the product weight, lot number, and packaging date. Although this seems comprehensive, it’s quite a bit less information then other brands provide (such as terpene breakdown and percentages).

As for the flower itself, unfortunately it lacked a humidity shield, which seems to impact its freshness—some nugs felt noticeably dry. However, visually, the buds are vibrant in a rich green hue, accented with amber pistil hairs. Ranging from small to medium in size, they’re neatly trimmed and blanketed with trichomes that shimmer under the light. And despite their dry feel, there’s an unexpected bounce when you touch them.


After lighting up a joint, we were struck by its distinct flavour profile. While the taste echoed the aroma, it was notably more intense. The primary taste was a blend of citrus and pronounced rye bread crust. As we took each draw, the rye bread presence was unmistakable, complemented by a subtle citrus undertone and a gentle throat tickle. Surprisingly, the smoke was smooth, which isn’t always expected with Pure Sunfarms products. Overall, the taste was middle-of-the-road, likely to resonate with some but perhaps not all.


Part of lot number 03367 with a package date of April 25, 2023, our bag of Area 51 was listed with a robust THC level of 25.2%. At $23.95 for 3.5 grams, it presents a value proposition that’s hard to ignore.

After smoking, we immediately felt its impact. This hybrid distinctly tilts towards its indica roots, delivering a calming relaxation that eased our bodies. Our minds drifted into a dreamy haze. It offers the profound experience typical of high-THC strains but at a more wallet-friendly price. Even though the aroma and flavour may not be everyone’s cup of tea, some will undoubtedly appreciate its unique blend of citrus and rye bread undertones. However, when weighing the overall experience against the cost, this one presents an enticing offer that’s bound to resonate with a broad spectrum of users.

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Meet Area 51 by Pure Sunfarms: a captivating strain tracing back to the MAC 1 lineage. With a potent THC content of 25.2%, it promises an experience worth remembering, especially at its accessible price of $23.95 for 3.5 grams. Its unique aroma and flavour intertwine citrus and rye bread crust. The buds are dense and captivate with their lush green leaves and amber accents. Engage in an experience that soothes, offering relaxation and a gentle cerebral lift — a remarkable offering at this price point.
  • High THC content at 25.2%
  • Reasonably priced at $23.95 for 3.5 grams
  • Indica-leaning relaxation effects
  • Taste may not appeal to all
  • Lacks humidity shield in packaging
  • Some buds felt notably dry
Smell - 6.8
Appearance - 7.9
Flavour - 7.1
Experience - 8
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