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Pure Sunfarms Bubble Mints Review

Bubble Mints from Pure Sunfarms is a hybrid strain with a sweet fruit aroma that includes hints of mint, and diesel.

Pure Sunfarms Bubble Mints is an indica-leaning hybrid that was created by crossing Wedding Cake with Wedding Crasher.

This handpicked phenotype is described as being smooth with hints of sweet fruit, mint, and diesel. From what we could learn, growers report the buds as being frosty with a range of greens and even some specks of purple. Let’s see how this compares to their Jet Fuel Gelato or their headband strain. Both of these flowers were also categorized as hybrids.

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Bubble Mints arrived in a large resealable, dark green plastic Pure Sunfarms bag. The smell will light your nose up with a very sweet, honey-like aroma with hints of gas, skunk and a touch of spice. With this being a cross of Wedding Cake and Wedding Crasher you can definitely notice the bitter sweet cake aroma that made us really want a slice badly. 


The buds are a lively green colour with a few dark orange curled hairs. Super sticky to the touch, dense and covered in trichomes which is excellent to see and just like Pure Sunfarms described. Of note, some of the nugs did have big stems that we weren’t a fan of however the flower was easy to break apart and grind up. 


Given the name we expected a sweet tasting smoke and were not disappointed. It had a very sweet flavour profile with hints of diesel and mint. The taste was almost like smoking bubble gum while still delivering slight hints of that Cake.


Our bag was labelled lot number 02385 and was packaged on July 4, 2022. It was listed with 23% THC and the price was $139.99 for 28 grams, overall we felt this one was a great pick up.  We felt a very calming, almost mind numbing sensation that included full physical relaxation of our bodies. Depending on your tolerance level this one is suitable anytime of day. That being said, our experience was a bit short lived and it would be really good if the THC could be a little higher in future batches. 

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Pure Sunfarms Bubble Mints is an indica-hybrid with a sweet aroma and flavour. Listed with 23% THC and a price of $139.99 for 28 grams, we felt this product offered good value.  Very calming, almost mind numbing sensation that included full physical relaxation of our bodies. The only compliant was the high itself felt very short but that could be our high tolerance level.
  • Frosty and squishy buds
  • Delicious sweet flavour
  • Price ($139.99 for 28 grams)
  • No humidity shield included
  • Large stems on some buds
  • High disappeared quickly
Smell - 7.5
Appearance - 7.1
Flavour - 7.7
Experience - 7
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