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Qwest TKO Review

Are you tired of the same old strains that leave you feeling unfulfilled? Qwest's TKO is here to shake things up. This hybrid flower packs a fruity punch with its hints of blueberry and grape, while also delivering a warm body buzz that'll leave you feeling like a heavyweight champion. Read on to find out why Qwest's TKO is the latest knockout in the ring of strains.

Qwest TKO is a hybrid strain that results from crossing Platinum Punch with Trophy Wife.

This flower is designed to provide a delightful blend of blueberry and grape flavours, complemented by bright citrus and floral notes upon exhaling. The buds are reportedly extremely dense with trichomes, making it difficult to see the purple hues of the flower amidst the frost. In this review, we’ll compare it to other fruity hybrids such as Qwest’s Blueberry Syrup and Qwest’s Banana OG, and provide our rating along with photos.

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As soon as we opened the bag, we were hit with a strong, sweet grape scent that’s reminiscent of a sweet wine. There was also subtle notes of citrus and cake in the background that add an extra layer of complexity to the aroma. This strain is definitely not shy when it comes to smell – it’s quite loud and will fill the room with its pleasant fragrance. We found the aroma to be one of its most enjoyable aspects, as it made the experience of smoking it all the more satisfying. If you’re a fan of fruity and sweet scents, you’re sure to appreciate the aroma of Qwest’s TKO.


Qwest’s TKO arrived in a green glass container with a humidity shield, which is a reassuring touch that shows the brand cares about preserving the quality of their product. The labelling was clear and concise, providing all the essential information you need to know about the strain, including its brand and product name, THC and CBD content, weight, contact details, lot number, and packaged date.

Once we opened up the jar, we were immediately struck by the vibrant purple, orange, and light green colours of the buds. The dense, resinous nugs glistened and sparkled in the light, hinting at the potency and quality of the flower. The buds themselves were mostly popcorn to small strawberry-sized, with a decent trim that didn’t appear overly aggressive. We appreciated the care that had clearly gone into trimming and handling the buds, as they looked well-cured and ready to smoke.

Overall, the colours were visually stunning, and the buds themselves looked dense, sticky, and full of trichomes. It’s clear that the brand takes great care in cultivating and packaging their products, and the attention to detail paid off in the form of some truly beautiful-looking flower.


After rolling up a joint and sparking it, we found this strain produced a flavour that was quite similar to its aroma. As we took our first inhale, we immediately detected a sweet vanilla and cake taste that dominated our taste buds. The grape from earlier was also present although we felt it became more secondary element as the joint burned.

While the dominant notes were sweet and dessert-like, we also picked up on some earthy undertones that added depth and complexity to the flavour profile. We were pleasantly surprised by the balance of sweet and earthy notes, as it gave the strain a well-rounded taste that was enjoyable from start to finish.


Our jar was packaged on December 14, 2022, with a lot number of RE335B.09, and contained an impressive 26.9% THC. At a price of $44.95 for 3.5 grams, we found the price was more then we’d like to pay but acceptable given the quality of the flower.

We were pleased to find that the high was as good as we had hoped. We even smoked it twice, just to make sure that it wasn’t a fluke – and both times, we were impressed by the potency and quality of the high. In terms of effects, Qwest’s TKO delivered a strong cerebral high that was paired with a warm body buzz. As we felt the effects kick in, we couldn’t help but notice that this was the kind of weed that really got us thinking about our day – a trait that we found to be both enjoyable and intriguing.

Overall, we highly recommend giving this one a try if you’re looking for a strain that delivers a delicious flavour and a satisfying high. Although it has a higher price point, it does offer great value for the quality you’re getting.

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Qwest's TKO is a hybrid strain that combines Platinum Punch with Trophy Wife. The flower delivers a delicious sweet and cake-like flavour, with notes of grape, citrus, and floral. The buds are consistently caked and feature vibrant purple, orange, and light green colours. The high is strong and cerebral, with a warm body buzz. At 26.9% THC and priced at $44.95 for 3.5 grams, Qwest's TKO offers a potent and enjoyable experience that's worth the cost.
  • Delicious sweet and cake-like flavour
  • Strong cerebral high with warm body buzz
  • Consistently caked buds with vibrant colours
  • Buds are mostly popcorn to small-sized
  • Earthy undertones may not appeal to everyone
  • Price point ($44.95 for 3.5 grams)
Smell - 8.2
Appearance - 8.5
Flavour - 7.8
Experience - 8.1
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