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RAD Frosted Fuji Berry 510 Vape Cartridge Review

RAD Vapes Frosted Fuji Berry is a 510 cartridge with flavour profile compared to sweet apples, tart nectarines and fresh berries.

Frosted Fuji Berry from RAD Vapes (Really. Awesome. Dope.) is a 1 gram 510 cartridge that promises to be a tropical blizzard of flavours mixing sweet apple and tart nectarines with a sweet berry exhale.

I’ve tried this strain before in an infused blunt format and really enjoyed how much flavour it contained so when I saw the RAD Frosted Fuji Berry I knew I had to see how it compared. Here’s hoping it’s a bit more flavourful than the Verse Sunset Peach cart I tried a couple of months ago and that RAD is true to their name.

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Pretty much the second I opened the top I could smell a pretty strong fruity lime smell even though at this point I hadn’t removed the vape cartridge from the tube. This strong aroma did quickly fade and I was left with a pretty standard but sweet smelling vape cartridge. When I fired it up, the vapour reminded me of a sweet tart.


The 1 gram cartridge came in a standard black plastic doob tube. The front had the name printed along with its THC and CBD content but unfortunately did not include any terpene information, which would be nice as their infused blunt did. The cartridge had a rounded mouthpiece and the distillate was the typical clear amber colour.


In terms of flavour profile, Frosted Fuji Berry is best described as sweet and fruity. It certainly does have a fruity element and reminded me of a Fuji Berry with its sweet and tart flavour. The vapour wasn’t harsh on the throat and I found it more subdued compared to the infused blunt.


This cartridge from RAD Vapes was part of lot VAD007 with a package date of May 10, 2022 and 79% THC content. RAD’s Frosted Fuji Berry is one of the lower cost vape cartridges ($44.09) I’ve come across recently that still delivered a pleasant relaxed high. I did find it was continuously getting clogged and about halfway through it stopped working then started to leak which was very disappointing. The high itself delivered a strong euphoric effect that was very relaxing.

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RAD Vapes Frosted Fuji Berry is a 510 cartridge with sweet tart flavour profile and 79% THC content. I found The taste was pleasant even though it got clogged about halfway through. In terms of the effect, I thought it delivered a strong physical relaxation with a moderate amount of euphoria. Really good product but not the best hardware.
  • Tasty flavour profile
  • Clear amber colour
  • Lower price point ($44 for 1 gram)
  • Flavour not as strong as blunt
  • Clogged continuously
  • Began leaking halfway through
Smell - 7.7
Appearance - 7.9
Flavour - 7.5
Experience - 7
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Coming to you straight out of British Columbia, I have been consuming cannabis since high school and joined the legal market as a budtender in late 2021. Showcasing the craft, the dank, and the shake of the West Coast market. As a daily consumer I go for products that have a tasty flavour profile, deliver a good quality high, with a price point that won’t hurt the bank account. Now let’s blast some Mother Mother and get ready to laugh like Seth Rogen.

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