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RC Supply Co Cherry Cheesecake Review

Unwrap a delightful surprise with Cherry Cheesecake from RC Supply Co - this indica-dominant strain offers a unique aroma and flavour profile that supposedly will leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

RC Supply Co Cherry Cheesecake is an indica-dominant strain that boasts a tantalizing blend of flavors and aromas. While the lineage of this strain remains undisclosed, it is widely believed to be a cross between Cherry Pie and Kimbo Kush, both renowned strains in their own right.

As the name suggests, Cherry Cheesecake offers a sweet and fruity aroma, with notes of cherry and dark chocolate, accompanied by a distinct, dank twist. The buds are said to be spongy and dense, with darker orange hairs and a moderate trichome layer, making for a visually appealing flower. Let’s see how this indica compares to Potluck’s Frosted Cherry.

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RC Supply Co. packages their Cherry Cheesecake strain in plastic containers, which did an okay job of preserving the flower’s aroma. As we unscrewed the lid, a distinct and refreshing scent immediately filled our nostrils. The aroma is undeniably recognizable, reminiscent of a carbonated beverage with a subtle cherry undertone. It’s as if you’re shaking a can of cherry or raspberry ginger ale and then enjoying all the effervescence. The scent is pleasant and not too overwhelming, making it an enjoyable experience from start to finish. We were impressed with the aroma of Cherry Cheesecake and found it to be a highlight of the strain.


The Cherry Cheesecake strain from RC Supply Co. comes packaged in a black plastic container, which although not the most eco-friendly storage medium, is equipped with a humidity shield to help preserve the flower’s quality. The label provides all the essential information, including the brand name, product type, product name, type of cannabinoids, weight, contact details, dominant terpenes along with percentage, lot number, and packaged date. However, we prefer glass containers for storing cannabis products due to their superior properties in preserving the quality of the product.

Upon inspection, the small to medium-sized buds appeared to be well-trimmed and dense yet fluffy, with a uniform green background covered in trichomes. There were only a few brown hairs present, giving the buds a clean appearance. However, we did notice that the product was packaged in June 2022 and is now dry, which is not surprising as most humidity shields have a lifespan of approximately six months. We recommend that retailers take note of this and maintain fresh inventory of high-quality products, offering discounts on products that are older than six months. Overall, this was better then RC’s Tangerine Dream but we would prefer a better storage container like one made from glass, as the dryness of the product was a slight disappointment.


After being captivated by its delightful aroma, we couldn’t wait to sample the Cherry Cheesecake strain from RC Supply Co. We rolled up a joint and took a few puffs, and our expectations were met with a burst of flavor. The taste was strong and reminiscent of carbonated soda, with a subtle cherry note that emerged upon exhaling. While we found the taste to be enjoyable, individuals who do not appreciate diesel or gassy strains may want to avoid this one. Although we didn’t detect any traces of cheesecake in the flavor profile, we still found it to be particularly tasty.


The Cherry Cheesecake strain from RC Supply Co. left a lasting impression on us. Packaged on June 24, 2022, with a lot number of M22008DFB, this strain is priced at $33.95 for 3.5 grams and boasts a THC content of 24.2%. This was the most impressive product we’ve tried from RC Supply Co so far. Upon smoking, we experienced a moderately strong cerebral effect that made us feel slightly foggy and unfocused, accompanied by a light tingling around the eyes that added to the overall sensation. Despite this, we found the experience to be enjoyable and relaxing, allowing us to disconnect from the surrounding world while still being able to function.

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Cherry Cheesecake from RC Supply Co is an indica-dominant strain with an undisclosed lineage, typically a cross between Cherry Pie and Kimbo Kush. The product is packaged in a black plastic container with a humidity shield, although the dryness may be a concern for products over six months old. The flavour profile was reminiscent of carbonated soda with an underlying cherry note, and the moderately strong mental effect is both relaxing and enjoyable. The strain is priced at $33.95 for 3.5 grams and boasts a THC content of 24.2%.
  • Delicious cherry soda flavour
  • Strong and relaxing high
  • Well-trimmed buds
  • Packaging not eco-friendly
  • Dryness due to exceeding humidity shield lifespan
  • May not appeal to all tastes
Smell - 7.4
Appearance - 7.7
Flavour - 7.6
Experience - 7.3
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