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Edibles Recipe: How to Make Cannabutter at Home

Do you want to know how to make delicious Cannabutter? Today we're going to walk you through the process step by step.
how to make cannabutter making edibles at home

How often do you use butter in your cooking? Now what if you could heighten your experience with the knowledge of how to make cannabutter?

It’s great for sautéing or pan-searing and is especially helpful in baking as it has a high concentration of fat, which provides fluffy volumes and textures to baking goods.

Cannabinoids adore lipids (fats) and the fats absorb into them effortlessly. With this how to guide on making Cannabutter, you will be knowledgeable in making both sweet and savory, euphoric CDB or THC edibles. Please be advised it is recommended to wait an hour after a first bite to feel full effects. For beginners incorporating Cannabutter into food, we recommend users make small amounts for “just a taste”.

We suggest making something you can be satisfied with, by taking a small bite, not something you will want to keep eating until you are full.

What can I use my Cannabutter in?

Any homemade items that require butter in their recipe!

  • Brownies                       
  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Banana Bread
  • Granola Bars
  • Trail Mix
  • Popcorn
  • Mixed vegetables
  • The list goes on with your creativity!

Math time! (sorry)

This will determine (roughly) the THC within your Cannabutter for dosing.

Cannibros reviews can warrant uses of different strains you want to use in your Cannabutter. Smells and flavours may be transferred well (or not) depending on your snack! Keep an eye out for new reviews so you can try different flavours and effects at home.

Let’s use the mandarin cookies strain as an example. As reviewed, it smells sweet like tangerines which would be great for baking something sweet!

On the packaging, it is said to contain 3.2 milligrams of THC per 1 gram

Now we know we’re going to lose some potency; it’s bound to happen in the cooking process. Because of this, we are going to expect that we will get a 70% yield from our original 3.2 milligrams of THC.

3.2 x 0.70= 2.24 milligrams of THC, is going in to our snack.

Now let’s say we’re going to have a tray of brownies which we’re going to cut up into 9 pieces.

2.24mg divided by 9 pieces = 0.248 mg of THC is going into each piece.

If at your dispensary visit it does not provide you with the milligrams of THC per gram, and you are only to see a percent of THC, we are going to add an extra step at the beginning.

If we are to see, let’s say the apple fritter strain is 14% THC. We know that in one gram there is 1,000 milligrams.

1,000 x 0.14 = 140

Therefore, we are to assume there are 140 milligrams of THC in each gram of weed.

Remember we need to account for potency loss at a 70% yield (140 x 0.70 = 98)

98 milligrams of THC will be going into our snack. Using the brownie example, if we divide the 98 milligrams by 9 pieces, we get 10.8 milligrams of THC per piece.

Beginners, please start small, and if you feel the amount was too little, work your way up slowly until you find the right balance for you!

Let’s get started! What you need to make cannabutter

  • Dried flower 2-7 grams (depending on potency and personal tolerance, strain of your choice)
  • ½ cup of butter (more or less depending on desired effects of one batch. Process remains the same)
  • Grinder or Scissors
  • Parchment paper
  • Aluminium foil
  • Cookie sheet
  • Cooking pot
  • Flour sifter/strainer (very small holes, cheese cloth maybe a better option if available)
  • Tongs
  • 2 Air-tight sealable containers (e.g., mason jars)

STEP 1: Preheat Oven

Preheat your oven to 240 F. While waiting, line your cookie sheet with parchment paper. Make sure weed cannot fall off your cookie sheet! Or the next time you make your kids chicken nuggets they might need to go to bed right after… actually that doesn’t sound so bad. NOPE, just kidding 19+ only!

STEP 2: Grind Flower

Grind your dried flower, not too much, just make it more manageable to break down in the butter, while not having full nugs in there.

STEP 3: Prepare for Decarboxylation

Place your weed across the cookie sheet. Spread it out so each piece has space. Once spaced out, wrap a singular sheet of aluminum foil above the weed, and fold underneath the cookie sheet. This will keep the weed from burning. We are now preparing for Decarboxylation. This is an important step. Place in the oven for approximately 45 minutes.  Decarboxylation is the process of warming the flower slowly, to release the THC.

STEP 4: Melt Butter

Prepare for the next steps. In one mason jar melt your butter in the microwave for no longer than 45 seconds. When finished put your mason jar in your cooking pot. The line of where the butter is inside the mason jar, is the point of where to fill your pot up with water. Remove the mason jar and set it aside for later.

STEP 5: Prepare Stove

Place the pot on the stove and turn the heat to about medium-high. The water should look like it is about to boil. We don’t want it to fully boil. Find the sweet spot. After your flower has been in the oven for 45 minutes take it out and slowly remove the cover. Once slightly cooled to touch, take the mason jar of butter and add the flower to it.

STEP 6: Add Your Mason Jar

Place the mason jar in the water, your mason jar should be able to stand up on its own without tipping. If it tips water will slowly seep in and ruin the process. Make sure you have the right size pot and right amount of water. You may need to remove some water to allow it to stand. Lower heat and put the pots lid on if it will fit and will help hold your jar up. Consider using the lid to hold your jar still, if it is too tall for your pot. REMEMBER we need to keep the water at this level of heat. Rolling bubbles at the perimeter of the water, is a good indication of the right heat. If adding a lid, reduce heat to correspond. If it gets too hot your THC levels will reduce significantly. Remember that sweet spot. Now you’re going to leave it alone for 3-6 hours.

STEP 7: Now You Wait

After 3-6 hours, take your tongs and remove your mason jar from the pot. The water can be discarded, while you wait for the jar to cool down. Take your second air-tight container and place or hold your strainer over top. It’s time to separate the butter from the large pieces of flower. Pour your butter into the strainer. If you have cheese cloth, use a rubber band around your jar so nothing falls in. Cheese cloth will allow you to squeeze the excess from the weed. If using a strainer, you can use a baking spatula to squish excess butter out of the flower. Put the lid on your jar and wait for it to completely cool and harden (about 8-12 hours)

STEP 8: Cannabutter Complete

You did it!  You made Cannabutter! Now it’s time to start cooking or baking!

Remember to take it slow, adjust as you need to. We would love to hear how your recipes turn out with this method! We know you’ll make lots of yummy treats. Please remember to keep them out reach of those who should not have them and perhaps label them! We wish you luck!

how to make cannabutter

Infographic courtesy of Choom.

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A cannabis enthusiast, writer, and dab diva who is dedicated to helping you understand the constantly evolving world of recreational cannabis.

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  1. Does it matter what type of plant you use? This is easy to make without doing it before?

    • You can use any strain really. Cook’s choice.


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