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Redecan Animal Rntz Review

Redecan's Animal Rntz boasts a unique blend of fruity and Kush flavours, coupled with a potent and relaxing high that will leave you feeling both uplifted and mellow. So sit back, light up, and let's take a closer look at what makes this flower so popular.

Redecan Animal Rntz is an indica-leaning hybrid that was created by crossing Animal CKS with the Rntz strain.

This potent flower supposedly contains high levels of caryophyllene, limonene, trans-ocimene, and alpha-bisabolol, which are responsible for producing a fruity tartness and sweet-sour aroma. Redecan says to expect dense buds with THC levels over 30% which sounds like a quality cannabis product given the price point. Let’s see how it compares to Redecan’s Black Cherry Punch or even Crazy Rntz from Jenn’s OG.

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Upon opening the jar of Animal Rntz, we were immediately hit with a tantalizing aroma. It reminded some of us of the popular Simply Bare Rntz strain, but with a unique twist. Unlike the dank and musty scent of Simply Bare Rntz, this flower had a distinct sweetness mixed with a subtle hint of Kush. The classic Rntz smell was still there, but the addition of these other aromas made for a truly enjoyable olfactory experience. The aroma was not overwhelming, but rather balanced and inviting, making us eager to delve deeper into this strain.


The product arrived in a sleek and secure black plastic container, complete with a locking lid to ensure the freshness and security of the product. The container was adorned with basic but essential information, including the brand and strain name, flower type, weight, plus the THC and CBD totals. Flipping it over, we were pleased to find the lot number and package date, indicating the freshness and traceability of the product. In terms of the buds, they were dense, compact and tightly packed in addition to being well trimmed, indicating that Redecan took care in their cultivation process. The light green colour of the nugs was complemented by bright orange hairs and a generous layer of trichomes, providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


After rolling a joint, we were eager to light up and experience the flavour profile of this unique strain. While we expected certain elements from the aroma to come through, we found the taste was somewhat different. The sweet and fruity flavour was front and center, reminiscent of the classic Runtz strain that many users have come to love. However, on exhale there was noticeable secondary hints of Kush that provided a subtle but enjoyable twist to the flavour profile. Overall well-balanced with complementary elements, making for a truly enjoyable smoking experience.


Our container was part of lot number 8495230126 which was packaged on January 26, 2023, and contained a surprising 36.1% THC content. At a price of $24.95 for 3.5 grams, we thought it was an excellent deal for the quality received. In terms of the high, this strain provided a well-rounded and enjoyable experience. While the indica side was present and created a relaxing effect on the body, the mind remained alert and social, making it a great choice for hanging out with friends or simply relaxing after a long day. Although the potent THC level made for a hard hitting experience, it still did not feel like 36% (maybe mid 20’s) even though the smoke was smooth and enjoyable throughout. While some people may have a different experience, we found Redecan’s Animal Rntz to be a potent and enjoyable strain that is sure to impress even the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs.

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Redecan's Animal Rntz is an enjoyable indica-leaning strain with over 36% THC content. The buds are aesthetically pleasing and well-trimmed, with a balanced flavour profile and a very strong, relaxing effect on the body while keeping the mind alert and social. Although it did not feel quite like 36%, we still recommend this strain if you're looking for a potent experience at a reasonable price point.
  • Potent and relaxing effects
  • Well-balanced flavour profile
  • Price point ($24.95 for 3.5 grams)
  • May hit too hard for some
  • Limited information on strain
  • Limited availability in some regions
Smell - 7.3
Appearance - 7.9
Flavour - 7.2
Experience - 7.7
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