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Redecan Glueberry OG Review

Today, we're diving into the deliciously dank world of Redecan's Glueberry OG. This balanced hybrid strain boasts a tantalizing aroma, a mouth-watering flavour, and a high that's sure to leave you feeling relaxed and energized. We've put this strain to the test, so sit back, light up, and join us as we explore all the juicy details.

Redecan Glueberry OG is a well-balanced hybrid strain created by crossing OG Kush, GG, and Blueberry strains.

This particular flower is characterized by dominant terpenes such as myrcene, caryophyllene, and farnesene, which produce a delightful combination of sweet, fruity, and earthy scents. Its appearance features bright green buds, orange pistils, and a covering of frosty white trichomes. Today, we will be exploring how it compares to similar products like Haven St’s Glueberry OG or Glueberry OG from Muskoka Grown.

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The aroma of Redecan’s Glueberry OG is a unique and pleasant experience that can be tricky to pinpoint. It begins with a sweet berry aroma upfront, complemented by a secondary earthy or herbal element that creates a perfect balance. Upon cracking the seal, the smell intensifies, exploding with sweet and fruity notes accompanied by earthy undertones that linger in the air. The aroma alone was a treat for the senses and hopefully offered a preview of the smoking experience to come.


The flower came packaged in a black plastic bag without a humidity shield, which may surprise some users. However, all the necessary information is included on the front label, such as the product and brand names, weight, total terpenes, lot number, package date, THC and CBD totals. Upon dumping the buds out, we were pleased to find them coated in a frosty layer, indicating a high concentration of trichomes. The bright green buds with orange pistils had a sticky and moist texture, which held up well under pressure. Despite the lack of a humidity shield, the buds were in excellent condition and ready to smoke.


We rolled a joint and our initial suspicions about its good quality were confirmed. The joint burned evenly and smoothly, allowing us to fully appreciate the taste of this strain. The flavour was reminiscent of a creamy blueberry pie, with undertones of sweetness and fruitiness that tantalize the taste buds. The smoke itself was incredibly smooth, making the session a pleasant experience from start to finish. This one has a flavour that lives up to its reputation, providing a delicious and enjoyable smoking experience.


Our bag of Redecan’s Glueberry OG came with a lot number (L)2653230323, package date of March 23, 2023, and THC content of 20.6%, provided us with an overall positive experience. While the price of $129.95 for 28 grams (or $8.95 for 1 gram) is slightly higher than other strains, we believe the quality makes it worth trying. The high was true to its hybrid nature, providing a unique experience that is both relaxing and energizing. The effects were noticeable almost immediately, inducing a laid-back feeling while simultaneously providing a boost of energy. This strain also produced a nice body buzz that left us feeling relaxed and calm. Overall, this flower is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a new strain that is well-balanced high that is both calming and uplifting.

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Redecan's Glueberry OG is a well-balanced hybrid strain that offers a smooth and flavourful smoking experience. While the aroma can be difficult to pinpoint, the taste is reminiscent of a creamy blueberry pie. The high is energizing yet relaxing, providing a pleasant body buzz. Additionally, the appearance of the buds is impressive and indicative of high-quality cannabis. Although the packaging does not include a humidity shield and the price point is slightly higher, we believe it's worth trying.
  • Smooth and pleasant smoking experience
  • Unique and delicious blueberry pie flavour
  • Balanced and energizing high
  • Price ($129.95 for 28 grams)
  • No humidity shield included in packaging
  • Limited availability in some regions
Smell - 8.1
Appearance - 7.4
Flavour - 7.8
Experience - 7.5
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