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Redecan Sour Diesel Review

Sour Diesel from Redecan has dense buds and an aroma that many compare to sour lemons with hints of diesel fuel.

Redecan Sour Diesel is listed as an indica however this strain traditionally is a sativa so we’re wondering if the bag was mislabelled.

Anyway the flower was greenhouse grown and is a cross between Chemdog and Amherst Super Skunk. Users describe a soft citrus smell with undertones of gassy diesel which are created from a terpene profile that includes myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, limonene and linalool.

Sour Diesel is a parent in many other strains so we’re curious how this will compare to Redecan’s Outlaw or their God Bud strain.

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Sour Diesel arrived from Redecan in a medium sized black plastic bag with resealable zipper opening. We tore open the package and actually didn’t smell much at first, it took 10 or 20 seconds but eventually there was a mild earthy citrus aroma that was not particularity sweet or zesty sour. Definitely not overpowering and in comparison Redecan’s Black Cherry Punch (indica) had a much stronger and sweeter smell.


We dumped out the contents and were happy to see the majority of the buds were small to medium in size, round, dense yet slightly spongy and covered in a decent amount of orangey red hairs. Overall the appearance was not bad even though some of the nugs had long stems and it did look better then Redecan’s Lilac Diesel which was stringy with large stems


Given the less then impressive aroma, our expectations for a strong flavour were pretty low and that’s exactly what we got. On inhale we noted a very weak earthy citrus flavour that is not particularity sweet or zesty and either way it completely disappears on exhale. If you’re not paying attention you could easily miss the flavour on this one.


Packaged on April 1, 2022 and listed with 15.7% THC content with a price tag of $104.95 for 28 grams, we found Redecan’s Sour Diesel delivered a mild and short lasting experience. The very light cerebral high had an uplifting effect while producing almost no physical impairment. Even though the price sounds good, we’d have difficulty recommending unless your tolerance level is low. However if you smoke daily like us then it’s simply not strong enough.

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Redecan's Sour Diesel has a mild aroma and flavour but nicely trimmed buds. Listed with 15.7% THC content and a price of $104.95 for 28 grams, we found it produced a mild cerebral high with no physical impairment. The price is great but we'd have difficulty recommending this unless you have a very low THC tolerance level.
  • Humidity shield included
  • Price point ($104.95 for 28 grams)
  • Popcorn buds with lots of hairs
  • Very mild aroma
  • Taste was very hard to detect
  • Not suitable for higher tolerance users
Smell - 5.9
Appearance - 6.5
Flavour - 5.5
Experience - 6
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