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RYOT Verb DHV Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

RYOT's VERB is a Dry Herb Vaporizer with an LED display and small design for maximum portability.

Last year we reviewed RYOT’s Kannastor grinder and since then have used that accessory every single day.

Today we’re exploring this brand further by checking out the RYOT VERB DHV (Dry Herb Vaporizer). Given the quality of the grinder we’re expecting this to be an excellent vaping device so let’s dig in and see how it compares to competitors like the Vexil from Boundless or the well made Utillian 722 from Thermodyne Systems.

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Slightly shorter than a sharpie marker but thicker and wider, it is all black. It has a silicone mouthpiece and an LED which displays temperature in Fahrenheit along with the battery status.

The RYOT Verb DHV measures 6 in × 3.6 in × 1.7 in (113 mm x 35 mm x 19 mm) and only weighs 0.4 kg (0.9 lbs) making it extremely portable. The battery is a lithium-ion with a capacity of 1200mAH. This means a full charge will provide for 6-8 sessions depending on the temperature selected (charging is simple with the provided USB to micro-USB cable).

The chamber has a very large funnel design that leads to the convection heating element and holds approximately 0.2 grams of ground up cannabis. There are 3 air holes in the mouthpiece to intake and 5 air holes to draw air into the device which means overall I found the airflow on this device to be excellent.

A very nice touch is a stainless steel poker that is concealed with a magnetic holster in the bottom of the device.

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The chamber has a wide funnel style design which makes loading the dried flower easy. The airflow is great so long as you follow the advice of “sip don’t rip” which seems to be true for many dry herb vaporizers on the market.

The chamber holds about 0.2 grams and to ensure proper air flow you should avoid packing too tightly. Since the device automatically shuts off after 3 minutes and 30 seconds, it really is ideal for solo sessions. You will get about 2-3 sessions out of a single chamber which will make your bud last longer but you’ll be refilling the chamber often if you try to share.

Using the VERB is very simple. All you need to do is hit the power button 3 times in a row which turns the device on or off. Once on, it automatically starts heating up to the set temperature which can be changed by pressing either the small flame to decrease or large flame to increase the desired temperature.

While waiting about 2 minutes for the device to heat up, my friend and I didn’t know what temperature the device would stop at and we joked that it would be funny if it stopped at 420°F… to our amusement, that was exactly where it stopped! Nice move RYOT.

Cleaning the device is simple and straight forward as it comes with a brush to clean the mouth piece guard and chamber. Use the poker to move dried flower around or clear out air holes. Wipe down or do a more thorough cleaning with the included q-tips and some rubbing alcohol.

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Here is what we got inside the box:

  • RYOT VERB DHV Vaporizer
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 25 x Cotton Swabs
  • 1 x Magnetic Removable Poker

The Verb DHV can be purchased from RYOT for $100 and comes with a limited 2 Year Warranty which is more then reasonable given the quality normally found with this brand. This vaporizer was very easy to use right out of the box and had great airflow. Similar to how we felt about their grinder, this accessory feels well-made and built to last.

However I really wish the chamber was larger even if that took away some of portability currently offered by the device. If you smoke a lot then be prepared to re-fill often.

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RYOT's VERB is a Dry Herb Vaporizer with an LED display and small portable design. We found it to be very simple to use right out of the box and had outstanding airflow. Much like their grinder this device feels like a quality unit that is well made and will last a long time. However it's definitely made for solo sessions as the chamber is quite small compared to other DHV.
  • Built-in poker
  • Great overall airflow
  • Increases bud longevity
  • Very small chamber
  • Lose flavour of terpenes
  • Made for solo sessions
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