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Salad Bar Caesar Salad Review

Salad Bar's Caesar Salad blends citrusy and garlic strains into a tasty but affordable experience that also delivers variety.

Salad Bar Caesar Salad is a blend of 3 different flowers that feature a number of different traits.

The cultivars are described as having a pungent citrusy and garlic aroma with buds of assorted colour, shape and size. This represents the first “blended” product we’ve reviewed so it will be interesting to see if this idea catches on and becomes more popular.

Currently they offer two different lots. Ours was SCSRM22001 and included:

salad bar caesar salad review cannabis photos 1 merry jade


The product arrived from Salad Bar in a large green and white plastic bag with resealable zipper opening. We tore into the package expecting a symphony of aroma but rather then an assortment of smells we detected a strong herbal as the primary with hints of citrus. Of course some of these strains could have smelled differently before being combined in the bag.


Salad Bar did not include a humidity shield so the buds ended up drying out and there was some noticeable shake at the bottom of the bag. In terms of the appearance, the nugs ranged from medium size, dense, bright green to tiny, fluffy and dark purple. However there was a decent amount of extra stem and some of the buds looked like they were turning brown. Visually it was average and not really memorable.


We found the flavour of Salad Bar’s Caesar Salad more enjoyable then it’s aroma. However given the mixture of flower it was hard to consistently identify but there was certainly a herbally citrus and a gassy garlic much less frequently. This gassy garlic was secondary and might be connected to the small purple buds.


Listed with 19.3% THC content and a price tag of $99.95 for 28 grams, we found Salad Bar’s Caesar Salad blend delivered a moderately strong high at a reasonable cost. Best described as a mixture of mild cerebral calmness with moderate physical relaxation. The only problem is you can’t tell which flower is the one actually delivering the punch. If you’re not picky about flavour or strain and just want a mix then you’ll probably enjoy this product, however if you like having control over what you’re smoking then this will likely be a pass.

salad bar caesar salad review cannabis photos 2 merry jade
salad bar caesar salad review cannabis photos 3 merry jade
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Salad Bar's Caesar Salad is a blended product with a herbally citrus aroma and flavour. Listed with 19.3% THC and a price of $99.95 for 28 grams, we found it delivered a moderately strong high. Best described as a mixture of mild cerebral calmness with moderately strong physical relaxation. However you can't really tell which flower is actually delivering the punch. Long story short, if you're not picky about flavour or strain then you'd probably like this idea, but if you like to have control over what you're smoking then it's a pass.
  • Price point ($99.95 for 28 grams)
  • Blended flower mix
  • Surprisingly strong high
  • No humidity shield
  • Very dry and leafy
  • Some buds were turning brown
Smell - 6.7
Appearance - 6.1
Flavour - 7
Experience - 6.9
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Since high school my friends and I have been recreational cannabis users so we decided to start Merry Jade after legalization in 2019. We review and photograph the different products then share them on this website. The rating system we use is called “SAFE” which stands for Smell, Appearance, Flavour and Experience. Each category gets a score out of 10.

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  1. Nice flavor and a strong high
    Worth trying if your into blended strains.


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