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Seed Junky Genetics Blackberry Pie Review

Blackberry Pie is a fruity and colorful hybrid with over 24% THC and a delicious flavour profile compared to fresh berry pie.

Seed Junky Genetics Blackberry Pie is a hybrid strain that was designed by the creative breeders at Gage Green Group as a cross between Blackberry Widow and Crystal Locomotive, both birthed by legendary cannabis connoisseur Jojorizo.

Heavy on the White Widow roots, with a smashing of Trainwreck thrown into the mix, this evenly balanced hybrid is known to have a dynamic sugar high, as well as a variety of therapeutic benefits inherited from its potent family tree.

Following a long history as well-respected veterans of the ongoing terpene wars, the green-thumbed giants at Seed Junky Genetics recently gave birth to this particularly juicy batch for their custom line of premium indoor flower drops, so I figured I had to give it a sampling and see if this version could live up to their daunting legacy.

Lets see how this compares with other strains from California like the potent Lemon Pound Cake from Mendocinco Grasslands or Hightide’s Sherblato.

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The immediate odor was a combination of both sweet and sweaty, giving off bright berry tones underscored by the definite chemical edge of the Widow roots. When broken apart, there was a zesty heartiness added to the mix that delivered thick, creamy notes similar to buttermilk and Parmesan, with light splashes of acidic citrus and pine underneath, ultimately equipping the package with a quite unique and distinct profile.


This 3.5 grams comes in a black resealable mylar bag with the THC and CBD contents printed on the front. The buds were slightly leafy and had an interesting conical form, with a mixture of light pale green and a shade of dark plum purple that was so deep it almost gave these berries a genuinely black appearance in some spots. Their curing was nicely done and helped to keep the nuggets firm and dense, breaking open with a satisfying crackle, and there was an extra bit of visual pop thanks to the bright orange hairs scattered about. Even with heavy layers of sticky sand-colored trichomes mellowing down the luster, this flower still stood out as colorful and vivid.


The initial flavor came across with a sharp, sugary bite and the same loud chemical tones as the scent. It tended to have a strong gassy kick on the inhale, but with the unmistakable and sparkingly sweet finish of dark berries with a hint of cream on the exhale. I didn’t expect this strain to actually taste like blackberry pie, but much to my surprise that’s exactly the flavor I seemed to be left with after each hit. In the end, the profile was spot on and almost as gratifying as an actual slice of pie. Either way, something’s getting baked.


My bag was part of lot BBP-44269 with a packaging date of May, 11, 2022 and reported THC content of 24.56%. The high came on quickly and had a bit of a boost, but brought a mostly mellow vibe to the overall balance. There was a slight heady jolt at first, eventually leading into the relaxing physical effects with a minor tingling sensation in the muscles, as well as an almost overpowering dose of gravity that managed to pull me downward into a couch-locked position. If you’re trying to pick a strain for a chilled out session, this weed will leave you feeling entirely at ease and fresh from the oven, but also so heavy that you might think you just ate the whole pie.

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Blackberry Pie from Seed Junky Genetics is a fruity hybrid that has over 24% THC content. I thought the high came on quickly with a mostly mellow vibe and a slight heady jolt at first. However this led into the relaxing physical effects with a minor tingling sensation in the muscles. Overall this flower might leave you feeling entirely at ease but also so heavy you might not want to move.
  • Distinct blackberry flavor on exhale
  • Quick and potent effects
  • Dense and nicely cured buds
  • Moderately immobilizing
  • Slightly leafy buds
  • Not yet widely available
Smell - 8.2
Appearance - 8.1
Flavour - 8.5
Experience - 8.2
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As a Northern California native and longtime consumer of cannabis in many forms I've spent endless hours exploring the various brands and products this region has to offer, so I'm here to help guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of the West Coast weed world. From sunny South Cali to the Bay Area breeze and Sacramento trees, all the way up to the emerald glory of Mendocino and legendary Humboldt County, I'll be discovering the best (and maybe not-so-best) buds, concentrates, and extracts being harvested in the Golden State these days. Why? So you don't have to take chances when you're headed out to pick up a fresh drop, of course. Because that's what we do here. It's pretty heroic.

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